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Flower Pot Tea Company

The most beautiful tea you'll ever drink.
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Click to contact Flower Pot Tea CompanyFlower Pot Tea Company on Social Media Flower Pot Tea Company The most beautiful tea you'll ever drink.
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Product Preview

Introducing Glassware!


We know our flower teas and tisanes are gorgeous, but they really need the right glassware to show off their true beauty. Unfortunately we only had manufacturer packaging on our glassware, until now...


Our top selling glassware piece, the Elegant Glass Teapot, will have a stylish new box coming in May complete with UPC and proper labeling. Now, your customers will be able to buy it right on th shelf next to the teas. It's pretty...we promise! And, at only $11.99, the price is right.


More information about our Elegant Glass Teapot



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Flower Pot Tea Company
We create blooming teas by gently infusing healthy green tea leaves with the essence of fruit and wrapping them around delicate dried flowers. What you get is the vegetal flavor of the tea with all its health benefits finished with a hint of a sweet fruit. For a caffeine-free indulgence, we bring you pure flowers in their natural form with our floral tisanes. Sweet and earthy, their gentle aroma will mellow you down with surprising and unfamiliar flavors. Make sure to fully enjoy the magic unfolding in your cup how it can best be viewed, with our elegant glassware. Finally, our rose cakes heighten your tea experience with a rich flowery treat. Ooey-gooey but not-too-sweet, these bite-sized goodies will satisfy you without being too sinful. With no artificial colors, flavors or impurities of a tea bag and packed with the power of tea, our unique products will delight you without all of the guilt. Watch them bloom before your eyes and take you away to a field of warm sunshine and fragrant wildflowers, fresh grass and rich earth or anywhere else you fancy - whatever the weather!

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