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Friendly Songs

Friendly Song – Personalized Music and Gifts for Children. A+ BBB Rating with Dealer Profit of 300%. A great way to expand your product lines with gifts that Grandparents and Mommies will come back for over and over.
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Click to contact Friendly SongsClick to view Friendly Songs Vendor SpotlightFriendly Songs on Social Media Friendly Songs Friendly Song – Personalized Music and Gifts for Children. A+ BBB Rating with Dealer Profit of 300%. A great way to expand your product lines with gifts that Grandparents and Mommies will come back for over and over.
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Product Preview

Songs Just For You

July 9, 2019

There's a special sort of magic that one feels when they hear their name in a song like it was made specifically for them. With Friendly Songs, that is just the case!

Quality Production

Friendly Songs saw a need for quality customization in personalized CDs. Most of what was on the market had "either terrible music, [was] poorly produced or [was] annoying to listen to." Friendly Songs wanted to change that! Now, Friendly Songs provides customized songs that are "fun for the children, but of a musical standard that [is] acceptable to the parents by using great vocals, top-notch musicians, and state-of-the-art studio equipment and technology."

Songs For Every Occasion

There is something special about a personalized gift, especially if it comes in the form of music! From everyday songs to holiday music, Friendly Songs has CDs for any occasion. Make someones' next birthday even more magical with a personalized birthday song.

A personalized gift brings a special meaning to any occasion and Friendly Songs is here to make those gifts even more meaningful!

For more information, go to www.personalizedfriendlysongs.com.

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Great products for Kids
posted by
Kids and Mommy's love these Personalized Music CDs. We love that they are easy to make and sell and they have a nice $15 profit margin.
Easy Ordering
posted by
Ordering was simple and they provided great customer service. The CD itself is very nice and the music quality is very good. Will definitely order from them again.
I Love It
posted by
I was looking for a CD for my newborn granddaughters name which is a little unusual and hard to find. I ordered the "No One Like You" CD. I love it! The songs are beautiful. It was a Christmas gift for the baby and I think it'll be a very special one for my daughter and son in law. I love it!
Great Margins with Friendly Songs Personalized Music CDs and Gifts!
For more info go to http://www.FriendlySongs.com If you are a retailer selling children inspired products in your store, or someone who's always wanted to start their own Home Based Business, then you'll want to watch this video. Now stay-at-home business moms and brick-n-mortar business alike can offer Friendly Songs Personalized Music CDs and Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals for Children to their customers. Friendly Songs is a top rated Better Business company with an A+ rating. Low costs to get started and huge profit margins! You can't go wrong. Contact us today to get started!
Kid's Personalized Songs & Gifts - Friendly Songs
Friendly Songs was started over 15 yrs ago and has become THE leader in the personalization industry for songs and gifts kids. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau you can be ensured that your relationship with Friendly Songs will be an excellent one. Friendly Songs was created to be both fun for the kids and of a musical criteria that was appropriate to the moms and dads using wonderful vocals, top notch musicians, and state-of-the-art studio equipment & technology. With over 13,000 names immediately available to hear online you cannot go wrong. Simply enter your child's name, pick the pronunciation and hear samples from each of our 9 albums. And customized names are no issue. If the name isn't currently available, we can record the name for you in just a few business days. No matter how unusual or one-of-a-kind the name is, your child can have their very own customized songs. Or look into our Personalized Singing Stuffed Pets which sing your child's name. Just press the animals tummy and he'll sing a personalized song. We have actually got the perfect customized songs for your child so check us out at www.PersonalizedFriendlySongs.com!
Friendly Songs Introduction - Over 10 Years of Music
We've been helping our Retailers and Dealers sell Personalized Music for over 10 years. Here is a short video clip of our history as it's been recorded on Facebook. If you'd like to find out more about selling our products then please contact us via our web site at www.FriendlySongs.com and become part of our team!
Friendly Songs Mall Kiosk
Amy Smith describes her first season with a Friendly Songs Mall Kiosk.
Welcome to the Friendly Songs Business Opportunity
This sound track is "Let's Dance" and is from our original "Friendly Songs" album. You can have any name personalized in all of the songs. Check us out at www.FriendlySongs.com
Introducing the Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor
Welcome to the Womb Music Baby Monitor by Wusic! To learn more go to our website at http://www.Womb-Music.com This video will give an overview of the Womb Music Baby Monitor, it's components and how to use it.

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