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Gibson Holders

Adjustable Plate Stands, Wire & Acrylic Display, Brochure Holders & More--Mention Promo Code 2014fgmkt25 To Receive 25% Off Web Orders
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745 Powers Street
Eugene, OR 97402
Fax: 541.342.7357
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Gibson Holders offers:

  • Artisans
    • Equipment - Supplies
      • Easels
      • Organizers
  • Books, Music & Electronics
    • Books
      • Tablet Stand
    • Packaging - Display Fixtures
    • Tablet Stand
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      • iPad
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  • Business & Technology Services
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  • Cards & Stationery
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    • Greeting Card Displays
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    • Ladder Displays
    • News Media / Publications
    • Point of Purchase Displays
    • Risers
    • Shelving
    • Tablet Stand
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      • eReaders
      • iPod
      • Kindle DX
    • Wall Systems
      • Grid Wall Systems
      • Slat Wall Systems
  • Education
    • Teaching Supplies
  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Floral Easels
  • Furniture
    • Accent Furniture
  • Home Accents
    • Display Fixtures
    • Easels
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  • Jewelry
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Gibson Holders Makes Acrylic Displays That Will Show Off Your Products With Style

June 30, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

If you make a beautiful product, you know you want to show it off. Because, how else is the rest of the world going to take note of how awesome your product is?

Gibson Holders is the solution to your display needs. They design and manufacture a great line of adjustable plate stands, wire display stands, and acrylic display products fantastic for any display task you have!

This Eugene, Oregon company makes all of their wonderful products right here in the USA. Companies from all over the world choose Gibson Holders for their displaying needs, including retail stores, wholesale showrooms, offices, schools, libraries, museums, and homes!

At Gibson Holders, they have a tremendous selection of display options. Their Adjustable Acrylic Displays come in two, three, and four tier adjustable displays for multiple display options, from lightweight books to heavy pots and pans. There's also an adjustable literature stand, that can be used for books, as its name implies, but is also a versatile display for showcasing apparel/eyewear, cookware, stationery supplies, and more.

Extra Large Base Wire Adjustable Display

Gibson Holders holds a lot of advantages over other display companies, including:

  • Machine-riveted for continuous firm tension
  • Mar-resistant and maintenance free
  • Lightweight for mobility
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Enhances the beauty of your displays
  • Increases the visibility of impulse items
  • Promotes self-service sales

Their Adjustable Standard Wire displays are a classic display design that features a sturdy acrylic base with a 1/2" lip that's machine riveted to a heavy vinyl coated steel wire back brace. These are also fantastic for displaying everything from books to plates to kitchenware!

Are you a retail store that specializes in eyewear or apparel? Then check out Gibson Holders Acrylic Apparel and Eyewear stands! They have sturdy and attractive displays such as Angled Jewelry Racks, Double Curled Shoe Rests, Eyewear Posts, Scarf Rings, Shirt Folding Boards, Z-Bed Shoe Risers, and Clutch Bag Risers! These displays will show off your wonderful product inventory to every customer that enters your store, and will catch their eyes like never before!

If you're a hotel, a travel agency, or just a retail store, it's important to have a holder for the brochures you supply visitors. Gibson Holders' Brochure Holders are made to display these brochures without blocking the info on them. The acrylic Brochure Holders come in a variety of sizes, from small to large brochures. They also come in multiple holder levels, from single brochure holders to triple brochure holders!

If you really want your products to stand out above the rest, get Gibson Holders Risers. These acrylic risers are great for displaying shoes, or for showcasing kitchenware, like bowls or appliances, and making them stand out higher than the rest of your inventory.

And for those of you who attend tradeshows regularly to show off your products to potential buyers, Gibson Holders has some fantastic tradeshow displays. These come in two different packs; the Large Tradeshow Display Pack and the Publisher's Tradeshow Pack - Jumbo. The Large Tradeshow Pack provides everything from riser sets to business card holders, and literature holders to brochure holders, perfect for displaying everything you need at a tradeshow. The Publisher's Tradeshow Pack is great for book publishers to showcase their books.

Large Tradeshow Display Package

No matter what your display needs are, Gibson Holders provides the best acryclic and wire displays in the industry!


Gibson Holders: Your Source for Display Accessories

July 22, 2013
Here at FGmarket we often highlight products for you to buy at wholesale prices and sell to your customers at retail. As you read these articles, you ask yourself, "Is this something my customers would need and buy? Would it perform well in my market?" Well, you can sit back and relax today, as those questions are not going to be necessary. This spotlight isn't about your need to purchase something that your customers will like. For this article, you only have to be concerned with YOUR needs!

Retail FixturesAcrylic Displays, Wire Holders and More!

As anyone who has ever worked in retail knows, increasing sales for a particular item is often directly related to its visibility to the customer. Often this is accomplished by creating displays of the item around or near the register, on endcaps, or on stand-alone tables in the middle of wide aisles. There is one thing that each of these display options require to be successful, display holders!

Whether you're looking for some wire or acrylic holders for that perfect display or a new slatwall or gridwall to fill out an endcap, the men and women of Gibson Holders have got you covered. With over 40 years experience providing the highest quality display products, this company knows what you need and makes it their business to provide it to you. With wire holders in various sizes, acrylic displays with multiple heights and widths, and a myriad of slatwall options, they can provide the solutions to your display woes.

Featuring N-series Book EaselsN-series Book Easel

The old saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover," but all booksellers know that if the spine is all that's visible, it's going to get overlooked! Showcasing a book is the quickest way to get it noticed, and Gibson Holders offers several different sized book easels to help you do exactly that.

One of the most popular is the N-series book easel. There is no need to be concerned with the weight of the book inadvertently adjusting the wire holder out of shape because it has no joints. This easel is excellent for heavy books as it is built as a single piece already adjusted to the perfect angle for display!

If you are looking for some display products, or perhaps your old ones are getting a little shabby, contact Gibson Holders and see what they have to offer!


Showcasing Your Wares With Gibson Holders

May 26, 2010
Need to exhibit a prized possession? Want to wow your customers with your displays? Then you need to bookmark Gibson Holders. As a designer and manufacturer of display products, they provide adjustable display stands and holders for plates, books, art and much more.

Everyone has some type of item they want to display. Gibson Holders' has every type of holder imaginable from acrylic plate stands to brochure holders and from wire display stands to adjustable display easels. Whether, you need display fixtures for retail stores, wholesale showrooms, offices, schools, libraries, museums or homes, you'll find the right product to fit your needs. With the multitude of products Gibson Holders carries, displaying items is a breeze.

Mini EaselOne of the most functional and versatile products offered by Gibson Holders is the Black Mini Easel. When creating a display all eyes should be on the object not the display holder. However, stability should never be sacrificed. Although designed for great stability, this easel doesn't over shadow the items being displayed. Instead, it has been designed for stability as well as low profile versatility. The Black Mini Easel folds four ways allowing for multiple display positions. All positions create a low profile display holder with tremendous stability.

Every object should be featured in a way that shows off its best qualities. Without the right display fixtures, a prized possession or a product will go unnoticed or seem under-valued. Gibson Holders designs display holders that help you showcase your art, publications, jewelry and products.

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