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Wholesale WebsiteLocal: 425.269.4037More Information
4232 156th St SW #5C
Lynnwood, WA 98087
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Glasspassions offers:

  • Artisans
    • Glass
      • Birds
      • Bowls
      • Decorative
      • Fused Glass
      • Glass Beads
      • Jewelry
      • Lamp Finials
      • Plates
      • Platters
    • Hand Made
  • Fashion
    • Handbags - Purses
      • Beaded Purse
      • Evening Bag
  • Home Accents
    • Animal Decor
      • Bird
      • Hummingbird
      • Owl
      • Pelican
    • Glass
      • Bottles & Stoppers
    • Handmade
    • Hardware
      • Knobs
      • Pulls
    • Lighting
      • Finials
    • Wall Decor
      • Artwork
      • Wildlife
  • Housewares
    • Kitchen
      • Barware - Bar Accessories
      • Hardware
  • Jewelry
    • Bracelets
      • Beaded Bracelets
    • Designer Jewelry
    • Earrings
    • Glass
    • Handcrafted
    • Nature
    • Necklaces - Neck Wires
      • Beaded
    • Pendants
      • Glass
  • Table Top
    • Coasters - Trivets
      • Glass
    • Dinnerware - Stoneware
      • Bowls
      • Plates
    • Glassware
      • Candy Dish
      • Dessert Bowls
      • Plates
      • Serving Dishes

Beautiful Art From Glasspassions

October 12, 2011
Artisan products are a must in your store. Why? These products truly stand out and customers enjoy having them in their home. However, with so much to choose from, where do you begin? One artisan line that is a must in your store is Glasspassions.This line features gorgeous glass artisan products that will make your store the place to shop when your customers are looking for something amazing and unique!

Creative Artists

Gorgeous Glass ArtOf course, behind every great artisan line, there is a talented artist. Glasspassions' artist has many years of experience in creating beautiful works of art. The elements that are incorporated into their jewelry line are inspired by patterns, shapes and colors that are seen within the wildlife and ethnic and tribal art.

The infinite possibilities of glass present a world that invites constant exploration and change. The process starts with creating solid and hollow glass beads and vessels that are used in art jewelry, cabinetry and even handbags. Glass is their passion because it lends itself to endless possibilities of color, shape, and even texture.

Beautiful Glass

So, what type of glass products do they offer? You'll find wine bottle stoppers, lamp finials, cabinet knobs/drawers/pulls, purses and jewelry. All feature their wonderful work of art in glass. No matter what your customers are looking for, they'll love all of their products. Whether they are decorating their home, wanting a fashionable statement or gifts; they offer it.

Are your customers wanting to redecorate their home? Colorful knobs are definitely a great thing to add to any home, no matter what their style. Gorgeous white knob with blue flowers, fun swirl design in gold and blue or a pink zebra knob are just a few of the options they offer.

Tribal Sea Glass NecklaceSo, no matter what their home decor represents, they have something to match. By adding a gorgeous knob or one of their lamp finials, your customer's homes will have an instant update.

A gorgeous electric blue & lime green wine stopper makes a wonderful accent to any kitchen or even as a gift. These make wonderful gift ideas, and especially their jewelry line. Necklaces featured in tribal sea glass amber and paradise reef that would match perfectly with their earrings and bracelets.

Don't forget that all of their items make excellent gifts, just pair them with a sentimental greeting card and your customers will have a great gift that anyone will love.

So, make Glasspassions the next artisan line you carry in your store. The unique look and close attention to detail will wow your customers. This is an absolute must in their home and as the perfect gift.

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