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GreenBird LLC

The Totally GREEN Paper Birdhouse & Other Earth Friendly Products
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Cincinnati, OH 45202
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GreenBird LLC offers:

  • Business & Technology Services
    • Promotional Products
      • Birdhouses
  • Education
    • Childrens Education
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    • Teaching Supplies
      • Paper Birdhouses
  • Garden & Patio
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      • EarthCraft Birdhouses
      • GreenBird SeedPies
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Green Products for Birds, for the Earth and for You!

 At GreenBird we work to create a win/win/win situation with all of our products.  Our natural products are designed to help birds, help the earth and give enjoyment to people.  To achieve this, we know retailers are an important part of our mission.  We want GreenBird products that are interesting, unique and sell well so retailers will know they are making a decision that will give them a good return on their investment of dollars and shelf space.  We started with two products two years ago and have added several more since, with more coming.

GreenBird House
Made or 100% recycled paper the GreenBird House is designed to last one nesting season.  It comes in an easy to assemble kit.  Using a tab and slot system no tools are needed.  The package is 15" x 13" and flat, so they hang well on a hook system.  The package contains a wealth of information about birds, loss of bird habitat, recycling, effects of global warming and the particular birds that will use these houses.

GreenBird Nesting Material Box
Another all natural product in a simple kit form, the GreenBird Nesting Material Box goes together easily. Stuff it with the 100% alpaca fleece that is included and enjoy the antics of your backyard birds as they collect the fleece to line their nests!  The GreenBird Nesting Material Box is so new it hasn't made our web site yet!  Call or email for more information.

GreenBird Seed Pies
Handmade for us by the good people at the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, Seed Pies are made of recycled paper. They contain seeds of flowers that produce seeds birds like to eat.  You plant the Seed Pie, grow and enjoy the flowers and then, when the flowers are done, the birds dine on their seeds.

GreenBird Real Milk Paint
Milk Paint has been around for centuries.  Made from natural pigments and curdled milk, it is non-toxic and all natural.  The kit contains eight colors and more can be created by mixing colors.

Promotional Products
GreenBird House with Your Logo
Have your logo or message imprinted on the front of the GreenBird House.  For resale or give away these house have great impact and display your logo in a wonderful way.

Sun Spots ' Daisy Dots ' Black Eye Patches
New this year!  Promo Seed Pies: miniature 4 inch Seed Pies that contain flower seeds and organic plant food in a recycled paper crust. Each Promo Piet has a label attached that features your company logo.  This is a very green promotional item that is unique, fun and best of all inexpensive!  Promo Pies so new they haven't made our web site yet!  Call or email for more information.

Please visit our web site for detailed information or email us at info@greenbirdhouse.com


GreenBird LLC is Good for Birds, Good for Earth, Good for You

March 1, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Building the perfect house, seed pie, or nesting pad for those beautiful birds in your yard has never been more eco-friendly and easy. With a simple mission, "do good for birds, for the earth and for you," GreenBird LLC has changed the way bird houses are made today. All GreenBird products are made from recycled paper and other natural, sustainable materials.

The biggest staple of GreenBird is the classic birdhouse. The GreenBird House is made from a three-layer laminate of recycled paper. Bound together with water resistant agents, this allows the house to survive outdoor conditions and remain biodegradable. The kit contains two die-cut sections and a 100% cotton hanging strap.

Each packet includes instructions on assembling, as well as, important information on the birds the house is designed perfectly to accommodate. Wrens, Titmice and Nuthatches are the ideal birds that could find a brand new home with GreenBird. Also in the package, information on bird breeds, loss of bird habitats, recycling, conservation, and painting lessons.

GreenBird LLC Birdhouse

GreenBird does more than birdhouses. They provide high-quality seed pies, nesting material, and milk paint. The seed pies can be planted in your yard to attract birds once the flowers have bloomed. This is the perfect opportunity to add some color and flair to your yard or garden and feed beautiful birds.

Adding a nesting materials box to your yard can attract the most lovely songbirds all year round. Filling these boxes with food, water, and a safe living space will bring sweet tunes to listen to while sitting on the back porch. One special ingredient in the nesting material box is the Alpaca fleece bundle. This Alpaca fleece can line the inside of the box to deliver a soft, luxurious space for the birds to relax. The fleece also provides entertainment as you watch these sweet little birds pick and peck at the fleece all throughout the year.

GreenBird started as an idea that was realized into reality. Dave Allen, creator of GreenBird, found that many "birders" believed that providing housing to a bird was much more important than delivering the food. This is because urban sprawl is happening all around.

This leads to the fact that 25% of American birds are in decline or endangered. Homeless birds are all over, but GreenBird is fighting that trend.

The good-looking, biodegradable houses and accessories offer an option for the birdiest of birders. Doing good for birds in ways that are good for both the Earth and you has started! Check out GreenBird LLC today to help out!

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