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Honoring Veterans & People With Disabilities
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Largo, FL 33771
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Product Preview



It’s not just a parachute, it tells a story, from the individual who jumped with it in combat and training operations all over the world to person who build these products. Heavendrpot in conjunction with Evergreen Life Services is employment based non- profit that focuses on employment with competitive wages for people with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and disabled veterans.

At Heavendropt H.Q. in Largo, Florida, military parachutes old and current are used to create everyday life and outdoors products with a touch of history. The mission continues each day, finding new ways to improve already developed products or creating new ones. Parachutes are broken down to buckles, shackles, fabric, strapping and para cord to create build kits complete with manuals to send out to Evergreen Life Services for assembly, as well as some products being produced at Heavendropt. Heavendropt disabled veterans and employees see a grand purpose in their mission to build these kits for people developmental and intellectual disabilities. This creates a job for them and in return they receive purpose and drive for everyone involved. Everything they do and sell goes back into the program, and helping veteran organizations.

These parachutes that would otherwise be burned by the military are made, into pet bandannas, bracelets, bags, backpacks, key chains, and even hammocks. New products are developed regularly, and are a big part of Heavendropts mission to be inventive in what they can come up with. Leaving their customers in excitement to see what is next.

 Paratroopers and Marines in World War 2 would use their own parachutes and ones from air drops to make anything from hammocks to wedding dresses when they returned home. Heavendropt came up with a design and personally tested the seamstress’s skills. The results are awesome. Tested to 500 lbs. and able to safely hold 300lbs. This very light weight and compact hammock comes with everything you need to hang it. Hardened steel shackles from a cargo chute, and two 14 foot pieces of paracord are included to support the hammock. The draw string pouch, made from an air force parachute is secured to hammock for easy packing. Also a carbineer to clip the hammock while packed or carrying it. Dimensions are 9 foot long and 4 foot wide. Total length with the paracord 37 feet.


Hands down our favorite product here at Heavendropt, the Korean War drawstring backpack. Upon acquiring a shipment of parachutes we discovered a camouflage that we haven’t really seen before. Robby Groover and Joey Hall had served in Afghanistan together and were the ones unloading the shipment. Intrigued by the camouflage they thought it might have been a foreign military camo. Later that month they took a trip to the infantry museum in FT. Benning Georgia and while looking at the displays they discovered that the parachutes were part of the U.S. military’s first use of wide spread camouflage. Dating from the late 1940’s and having use all the way into the Vietnam War. This was confirmed by the jump logs attached the parachutes. The back pack is lined with the camo and the outer material is from cargo parachutes used in the 60’s and 70’s. The bottom corners are reinforced with 2 inch wide strapping from T-10 personal parachutes, a modern personal parachute used today. To add another touch to our back pack that seems to travel through generations, we topped it off with Velcro from a T-10 parachute so that a patch of choice can be added. Similar to the Korean War back pack our T-10 back pack is lined with with the T-10 personal parachute material. A modern parachute with a light green color used from the late 80s and is having current use still today. This lining has more of a water resistant and rip stop effect. Great for the outdoors adventurer looking for lightweight pack that is durable and not your average drawstring back pack. This also has the same strapping on the corners and Velcro as the Korean parachute pack does.


Purchasing these products ensures that people with disabilities, wounded warriors, and their family members, gain specific but transferable job training and employment opportunities. Continue the mission with Heavendropt! These products are unique and support a great cause. For more information, check out HEAVENDROPt!

HEAVENDROPt Creates Products That Benefit Veterans, People With Developmental Disabilities, and More

February 8, 2018

At HEAVENDROPt, it all comes full circle. People with developmental/intellectual disabilities, along with veterans with disabilities, create products out of used military parachutes and sell them, with the profit going to people with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and veteran assistance organizations. They call it their triple bottom line and it’s a really great thing.

It’s a social enterprise that prioritizes people, planet, and profit done in association with Evergreen Life Services.

Sue Buchholtz, CEO of Evergreen (an organization whose mission is to provide services and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities), was invited to an Air Force Base in Florida where she saw the potential to develop products from parachutes that could not be used again.

From there, she wanted to develop a social enterprise that included employing people with disabilities, giving back to veteran organizations, and recycling. That's where Heavendropt began. Put simply, they create unique products made from parachutes and sell them in order to benefit veterans.

Let’s start with the military parachutes and the products they make from them. The parachutes are ultra durable and make for great necklaces, bracelets, bow ties, tote bags, and more.

The necklaces are made from authentic recycled military parachute material and decorated with individual designer beads; each one is unique and you can get them in blue, green, red, gold, pink, and black.

A really great find is the parachute tote bag. One side of the bag and the straps are made from parachute material and even features the HEAVENDROPt logo. Tote this bag around for your groceries, carrying sports equipment, or for keeping all that stuff you have in the trunk of your car.

Keep your cat, dog (or even your horse) in style with the tie on pet bandana. They come in five sizes, based on the neck size of your pet, and are military green with the HEAVENDROPt logo. The parachute choker is a requested addition to the line. This snug-fitting necklace has a gunmetal lobster claw clasp and chain with the copper charm logo. This product closely resembles the cause bracelet, made of 6” of recycled authentic military parachute cord.

Many nonprofits feature rubber bracelets to show support for their organization. How perfect is it that HEAVENDROPt uses parachute cord, instead? You can also find this product as a tri-braid.

The ties they sell are inspired by paintings of people with disabilities. They partnered with The Necktie Company and was among one of the first nonprofits chosen for this honor. The Patriot Tie in red, white and blue was created by Jane W. She said that she wanted to paint a police officer and a flag. She created a stunning design with red and white stripes and an officer in blue.

Buying these products ensures that people with disabilities, wounded warriors, and their family members, gain specific but transferable job training and employment opportunities. These products are unique and support a great cause. For more information, check out HEAVENDROPt!

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Great products
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This is an absolutely great mission with fantastic products! I especially love the pet bandannas because they’re lightweight so my dogs don’t feel them and get discomfort.
Fantastic gift idea
posted by
i purchased some heavendropt gifts for my children and family and it was a big hit for the holidays. there is a product for everyone on my list.
Group Turns Military Parachutes Into Something New
Group Turns Military Parachutes Into Something New


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