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Kanti Goods

Be Beautiful. Be Kanti.

Kanti Goods offers:

  • Artisans
    • Hand Made
      • Bags
      • Hair Accessories
      • Jewelry
    • Hand Stitched
  • Fashion
    • Fashion Accessories
      • Money Clip
      • Scarves - Stoles
      • Shawls - Wraps
    • Handbags - Purses
      • Bucket Handbag
      • Clutch Handbags
      • Straw Handbags
      • Totes
    • Shoes - Footwear
      • Slippers
  • Inspirational
    • Charitable Causes
      • Community Development
    • Cultural
    • Jewelry
      • Bracelets
      • Earrings
      • Necklaces
      • Pendants
      • Pins
    • Versed Products
      • Jewelry
  • Jewelry
    • Beaded Jewelry
    • Bracelets
    • Custom Jewelry
    • Earrings
    • Lockets
    • Mixed Metal Jewelry
    • Necklaces - Neck Wires
    • Pendants
      • Glass
    • Pewter
    • Pins
    • Rings
    • Specialty
    • Sterling Silver - Silver
      • Bracelets
      • Chains
      • Earrings
      • Necklaces
  • Personal Care Products
    • Face Masks
    • Facial
      • Masks
  • Personalized Products
    • Fashion
    • Inspirational
    • Jewelry
    • Plush
  • Plush
    • Animals
      • Alligator
      • Elephant
      • Giraffe
      • Leopard
      • Lions
      • Monkeys
      • Rabbit
      • Tigers
      • Turtles
    • Bears
  • Toys
    • Plush
      • Animals

Product Preview

FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Kanti Goods

November 4, 2020
Creating change one fine good at a time.

Empowering artists worldwide, Kanti Goods bases their mission on helping artisan communities thrive through the sale of their handmade goods. Providing small-scale artists and communities with the means to acquire new skills, opportunities, and economic growth has created a ripple effect of positive change in many of these artists' lives. This mother-daughter business duo work day in and day out to provide women, small-scale artisans, and entrepreneurs with fair trade practices to help change their way of life. 

Bringing you beautifully handcrafted items from these artisans worldwide, Kanti Goods offers something for everyone. Search through their selection of handmade jewelry, handbags, facemasks, scarves, plush animals, and accessories to find what fits your needs. Each product from Kanti Goods is crafted with care at the highest quality available. 

Make a statement while making an impact with their beautiful animal print jewelry collection. Offering a variety of both earrings and cuffs, you can accessorize your outfit in style. Kanti Goods also provides its customers with the option to order semi-customized goods that are great for special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, and non-profit fundraising. 

Every time you shop with Kanti Goods, you help create a positive impact that lasts in the lives of the artists who created the goods. Empowering artists, women, and responsibly-driven businesses allows these communities to thrive. Kanti Goods is your source for beautiful items inspired by a beautiful story. Be beautiful. Be Kanti. 

Find out more about Kanti Goods in the video below or at www.kantigoods.com/!


Beautiful Artisan Goods with a Cause

July 30, 2020

Beautifully crafted goods connecting people around the world to inspire change and create a better way of living for the artists that create them. 

Inspired by beauty, Kanti Goods is a social enterprise that supports artisan worldwide. When mother and daughter Ernestine and Coco began their journey in the creation of Kanti Goods, they had one goal in mind: to support women and small-scale artists around the world by providing them with jobs so that their families and communities can thrive. Through empowering these artists, they can help create a positive impact on these communities, helping them acquire new skills, opportunities, and economic opportunities for their families. Kanti not only inspires beautiful changes within the world, but it means beauty in the ancient language of Sanskrit, and each beautiful good is infused with a beautiful story.

Kanti Goods provides many different products to the world market; however, one, in particular, has become very important to the world in the last few months. As masks around the world have become a necessity during the rise of a global pandemic, artisan artists have put their own touch to help create an impact and provide people with goods that keep them and their families safe. Each facemask is elegantly printed with fabric that encompasses the harmony of the culture in which they are made. Made by an organization that supports women survivors, these masks not only keep those around you safe but also support a beautiful cause and create change within the community they come from. Each mask is hand made in India and is made to fit comfortably with a double layer of soft fabric and stretch loops that can be washed so that you can wash and re-wear them regularly. These fashionable masks complement any outfit you may wear with them and create a statement piece that shows off your sense of fashion.

Alongside the facemasks, Kanti Goods provides several different varieties of products that are great for many occasions. Custom made goods from Kanti Goods are where imagination meets creativity. With various custom and semi-custom goods, there are many options to choose from that make great gifts for any event. Say thank you at trade shows or corporate events with custom gifts that are inscribed with the company logo. Celebrate your special wedding day with lovely gifts for both bride, groom, and wedding parties. The possibilities are endless with the beautiful craftsmanship that is provided by Kanti Goods. Enjoy the beauty of the world with Kanti Goods. Be beautiful. Be Kanti.

Find out more about Kanti Goods at www.kantigoods.com/!

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I absolutely LOVE these bracelets. Beautifully made and are comfortable yet trendy to wear.
posted by
Love this Chandana bracelet I have this in several colors, and have also given these as gifts to friends. I love jewelry like this that is bold and still feminine. I share them with my daughters, as they can be twisted & worn in different ways, and can fit on pretty much any wrist size and look great on all ages. They are a great way to add some pop to your outfit without breaking the bank. I get compliments almost every time I wear one of these!
One of our Top Accessories Brands!
posted by
We love Kanti Goods and so do our customers! Really unique and beautifully hand made jewelry and accessories, with a great story behind the brand. Our customers love the bold colors of the earrings and bracelets, which are sold at a great price point. The sterling silver pieces are truly unique and amazing quality. Another customer favorite are the fans, super sturdy and come in a variety of gorgeous prints. Overall a great brand and amazing customer service by the founder Ernestine.
Store About One of our Artist
The Store about One of our artist who is helping with our support rebuilding his village . We would love to invite you to look at all our products and hope you will try some of them in your store. All these products are made with love by people who really need our support. Thank you for wartching.
We put our Masks Thru the Test
Our masks are 100% cotton, double layered, breathable and cover both your nose and mouth easily. We have put them through the test and made sure they are washable to help with sustainability!
Three Ways to Tie this Beautiful Silk Scarf
These Silk scarves our one of our most popular item the two tones are so unexpected and so beautiful!

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