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Kenson Kids

Bringing Out The Best In Kids
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Visual Solutions for Parenting

July 4, 2019

To say that caring for young children involves constant challenges is quite the understatement. With potty training, good behavior, and chores to teach and supervise, establishing lifelong habits can be a daunting task.

The two "Mompreneurs," Jennifer Edmundson and Jennifer Kent, put their efforts of helping their own children grow into a nationwide company that provides durable, high-quality products to make parenting easier.

Kenson Kids offers parenting and teaching aids that establish and reinforce routines through the use of visual and tactile stimuli. Such products include the award-winning "I can do it" Reward Chart, Token Boards, ID bands, and games to create good habits. Visual reminders are not only for kids—they're also helpful for supervising adults who need to constantly monitor tasks and behaviors.

Children thrive on structure and routine, so parents of children with special needs, such as Autism and ADHD, find incentive and chore charts extremely helpful. By showing children what to expect and avoiding disorganization and surprises, Kenson Kids' products can help establish regular routines that improve communication and overall behavior.

Teachers and caregivers are also avid users of charts and games from Kenson Kids. Available for preschool, daycare, and elementary classrooms, reward charts and checklists with fun, colorful pictures provide positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Whether in the home or classroom, health and safety are primary concerns for those in charge of little ones. Kenson Kids also has a line of ID bands for travel or field trips as well as games that promote fitness and establish healthy eating habits. They also launched a School and Dog Care Chart this year.

These high-quality products are made in America, designed by moms and assembled by moms. What better way to teach kids how to brush their teeth, care for pets, or eat healthily than by using tried and true methods approved by parents across the country?

Visit Kenson Kids online today to see which products might appeal to your consumer base—you will likely find they do it all!

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