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Home Kreation / DBA Kraft Klub

Be Kreative in Your Life! Colorful, Handmade Tin Items Since 1987
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Home Kreation / DBA Kraft Klub offers:

  • Baskets
    • Metal Baskets
  • Containers & Vases
    • Ceramic Containers
    • Enamelware Containers
    • Galvanized Containers
    • Metal Containers
    • Terra Cotta Containers
    • Tin Containers
  • Garden & Patio
    • Bird Accessories
      • Bird Houses - Bird Boxes
    • Garden Decor
    • Garden Planters
    • Gardening Tools
      • Garden Bucket
      • Garden Watering Can
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    • Kitchen
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    • Ornaments
    • Planters - Pots
    • Pottery
    • Style
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      • Folk Art
      • French Country
      • Primitive - Rustic
    • Wall Decor
      • Baskets
      • Racks
      • Sculptures
      • Wire
    • Wire
  • Housewares
    • Bathroom
      • Boxes
      • Soap Dish
      • Tissue Boxes
    • Kitchen
      • Baskets
      • Boards
      • Keepers
      • Magnets
      • Soap Dish
      • Trays

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Fall Special 10/15 - 10/31





Home Kreation by KK, Inc. dba: Kraft Klub, Inc. is a unique import/wholesale company that has been offering a large selection of colorful, handmade tin items since 1987. Our products are available in a variety of finishes and styles such as Rust, Galvanized, White Wash, Black Colonial, Glitter Collection, and Stars, as well as our new Enamel line - our most popular finish yet! We also carry a large selection of handmade wire items, available in several finishes, as well as garden accessories.

Our products are featured in a number of catalogs and on numerous websites from all over the country. Most items have volume pricing, so the more you buy, the more you save! You can view the prices for volume purchasing by clicking on the picture of the product.

Most of our items are water-tight, and food-safe. Food may be served on our enamel items; however, they are not intended for cooking and are not dishwasher-safe. We stand behind our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


The Best in Home Decorations with Kraft Klub

December 23, 2013
Decorations come in many different shapes, sizes and types, but no matter the details, one thing is for sure. Customers love them! After all, what's the best way to improve your living or work space without buying a new house or getting a new job? Redecorate, of course! And who doesn't like to pretty up their area? If you're looking to carry high quality tin decorations in your shop, you need look no further than Kraft Klub!

Decorations for Home and Garden

This company has been offering a large selection of handmade tin items since 1987! They carry bathroom, kitchen, garden, home and office decor items in a vast variety of finishes and styles. Looking for galvanized tin planters? Rust-colored antique ice-skates? Enamel canisters? They have all that and more.

Want to carry something with a more antique feel? Do your customers want items that have been distressed? Show a little manufactured wear and tear? They've got you covered. With the wide variety of options, you are guaranteed to find a plethora of items your customers will enjoy!

Doing Business Right

With over 26 years of wholesale experience and a proven track record over that time, you know that you'll be receiving the absolute best service and quality products. They only sell wholesale, so meeting the needs and expectations of business owners is what they do best, and they do it all day, every day.

Customer happiness starts with the quality of the items sold. As a business owner, it's important that the items you carry meet or exceed your customer's expectations. You will have no doubts when you use Kraft Klub. Contact them today!


Must Have Items From Kraft Klub Inc.

April 23, 2012
Offering products that are on trend and items that your customers truly find useful to them is a must for your store. You want to please your customers by offering some of the latest trends, yet they are still worth purchasing. So, you're always on the lookout for vendors that offer products that can meet just that. When you're looking for wonderful products that your customers will enjoy, check out Kraft Klub Inc.

Great Home AccentsThis wholesale supplier is a unique import/wholesale company that has been offering a large selection of colorful, handmade tin items since 1987. Their products are available in a variety of finishes and styles such as rust, galvanized, white wash, black colonial, glitter, white enamel and stars.

They also carry a large selection of handmade wire items that are available in several finishes and garden accessories. You'll find wonderful items that your customers will absolutely love.

One product line that truly stands out that they offer is their magnet and magnet boards. These items are definitely popular and on trend. Your customers will love displaying these items in their home, as well as giving them as gifts. A metal, magnetic board that comes in various colors like pink, blue, brown, green, orange and black with adorable detailing like scalloped edges can be hung anywhere in the home. They even have chalkboard ones where your customers can write special notes, their dinner menu or grocery list.

Don't forget to pair it with their magnets they feature to go with it. Choose from colorful floral magnets that look great against the color of the magnet boards. These are wonderful additions to your store, as well as your customer's homes.

Light Pink TubsAlong with their great magnet boards, they also offer galvanized stools, metal coat holders, gray zinc tubs with a wonderful logo and great tin items that will make a style statement in any home. Customers love decorating their homes with unique items, and will definitely be able to do so with these items from Kraft Klub Inc.

Don't forget that all of these items make wonderful gifts, just have your customers wrap it up in wonderful gift packaging and they're all ready to go with an ideal gift.

So, when you are looking for great items to feature in your store that will definitely make a style statement in your store, choose Kraft Klub Inc. Their wonderful colorful, handmade tin items, magnets and magnetic boards are a must have in your store.


Vibrant Garden Accessories Double as Perfect Displays!

June 15, 2010
Draw customers into your shop or store with bright garden accessories and home decor from Kraft Klub Inc. The tin and handmade wire accessories are essential for your summer displays. These colorful items will also bring a new, vibrant look to the home and garden of your customers. If you're out of new ideas for popular home decor, then this colorful, metal decor is your most profitable solution!

Colorful Kraft Klub Containers Perfect for Unique ArrangementsAlthough Kraft Klub Inc. offers an extensive variety of home and garden decor accessories, there are two trendy products that  customers seem to love. The newest trend in home goods are tin garden accessories. Kraft Klub offers this trend in a variety of finishes, the newest being the enamel finish. The colorful, enamel-finished tin containers are great for flower arrangements.

Display your prettiest summer flowers in the tin buckets, planters, and even watering cans. Customers will love sprucing up their home and garden with flower arrangements in unique, vibrant metal containers that they can re-use later. The hottest colors for this summer season are fuchsia, lime, lemon yellow, sky blue, pink, white, aqua, red, brown, orange, and copper green. These vivid summer colors will bring life to your store and to the home/patio of customers.

The other trend is for busy customers who love to stay organized with fun tools like cute magnet boards. Kraft Klub Inc. offers a variety of magnet enamel hanging boards in a variety of the same hot summer colors offered in the garden accessories. They offer ordinary, yet colorful, rectangle and rounded corner hanging magnet boards. In addition, there are also magnet boards on stands and three piece hanging magnets in shapes like starts, hearts, and circles. Customers can choose from colorful round magnets or vibrant daisy magnets in either solid colors or polka dot patterns.

Vibrant display of Kraft Klubs Garden Accessories!

Kraft Klub Inc. offers a large variety of quality finishes if enamel isn't what you are looking for. Finishes such as rust, galvanized, white wash, and black colonial, along with the the glitter collection and star collection are guaranteed to catch the eye of every customer. The home decor accessories and home garden decor made by Kraft Klub are also available in handmade wire with a variety of finishes.

Experience the benefit of placing online bulk orders with Kraft Klub Inc. If you wish to sell these well crafted garden accessories and home goods, you will find huge discounts and specials on the Kraft Klub website. The colorful tin garden accessories (at a great price!) will be a breath of fresh air in your summer season displays!


Here Is Your Exclusive Entry Into Home Decor's Kraft Klub

January 27, 2009

Kraft Klub French Wire Baskets

The unique home accents from Kraft Klub are perfect for your customers for two main reasons.

The first reason that your customers will be thrilled that you offer Kraft Klub home accents is because these are everyday products that everyone uses, needs, or enjoys. Dust pans, trash pails, copper soap dishes, containers and other useful items reside in the home decor collection. Enamel pitchers, cups, and plates round out the enamelware collection of kitchen and bathroom products. These are only a fraction of the functional, useful products available from Kraft Klub.

Another reason to offer Kraft Klub home accents is because various finishes and styles put a unique and appealing spin on everyday items. Some of these finishes include rust, galvanized, white washed, black colonial, enamel, and glitter. Great finishes like these make Kraft Klub products easy for your store to sell and easy for your customers to love.

Kraft Klub Antique StarImagine a customer trying to choose between a plain plastic bin and a French wire oval basket. All other things remaining equal, the French wire basket is almost always a hands-down winner. Each piece of wholesale home decor has this unique and desirable appeal. Stand-out quality and attraction are what today's buyers look for when shopping for everything from groceries to luxury items. When buyer attention turns toward unique home accents, have their heads turning your way with these great products.

Your customers trust your store. New customers want a reason to return. It is easy to delight both and keep them coming back by satisfying their tastes for unique products for the home. Kraft Klub's wholesale home decor items are great products to help position your store as the place to go for appealing and interesting, useful and functional pieces that satisfy both need and want. It doesn't get much better than that.

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