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PanSaver Delivers--Labor Savings, Improves Food Quality & Yield, Makes Food Safer & Protects Plumbing
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Pansaver offers:

  • Gourmet Foods
    • Kitchenware
      • Oven Bags
      • Pan Liners
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      • Slow Cooker Liners
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Keep Your Kitchen & Your Food Tasting Good with Pansaver

January 14, 2020
Want a unique kitchen product to feature in your store that is extremely useful for all types of kitchens and cooks? Not only will your customers love this product, but they'll immediately want to stock up for friends and family members to give as gifts. What is this great product? It comes from Pansaver and is an absolute must for your store.

PansaverPansaver offers a great solution for many cooking problems. Their ovenable pan liners improve food safety, enhance food quality, and reduce costs. Their high temperature pan liners, oven bags, and slow cooker liners can take the heat up to 400 degrees. Their scrub save liners are ideal for holding, transporting, and serving food from steam table pans. PanSaver is utilized for three primary reasons, including:

  • Allows operators to reduce or reallocate labor to more critical areas of the operation, rather than having someone soak and scrub pans.
  • Eliminates the direct food-to-hot-metal contact which prevents food from drying out and becoming unservable.
  • Allows the operator to throw grease in the trash versus down the drain.

No matter what size pan your customers have, they have something for every size. Medium, shallow, or deep pans all can use these great liners. They also fit great on sheet pans, round, and rectangular shapes. Besides fitting all types of pans, these are truly beneficial for everyone. It makes cleaning pans extremely easy, easy to transfer food, and overall makes food tastes better. These make cooking so much easier and better!! Your customers will truly appreciate that you offer them this great product.

These are great for any of your customers who love cooking or spending time in the kitchen. Even give these items in gift baskets that are paired with great kitchen decor and kitchen items.

When looking for great kitchen items for your store that are extremely useful, choose Pansaver. Wonderful pan liners will keep pans looking brand new, while making food taste delicious.

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