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Mary's Alpaca Poop

Poop Your Plants! All Natural Organic Fertilizer for prize quality flowers and vegetables, Hemp, Orchids. Year Round indoor and outdoor.
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8080 Enon Church Rd
The Plains, VA 20198
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Product Preview

3 Ingredients Packaged in a Pod for ALL Container & Raised Beds. Flowers, Veggies, Succulents, Orchids, Hemp.. Indoor or Outdoors.  Year Round.  Simply Feed as You Water.

The Best Plant Fertilizer In The World...Mary's Alpaca Poop!

March 21, 2019

Looking for new products to offer your consumers? Then check out Mary's Alpaca Poop; the best plant fertilizer in the world!

Giving Plants A Life They Deserve

Mary's Alpaca Poop began in 1994 with Mary Forte, her three alpacas, and the idea to use alpaca manure on her household plants. Now, Mary's herd totals 162 and her natural poop business is thriving. Her poop is scientifically formulated to give your plants balanced nutrition and offer any potted plant a complete 'lifestyle change.'

Out of all livestock manure, alpaca manure carries the best nutritional content because they can digest their food for up to 63 hours. This results in complete digestion, and by adding a protein-packed diet, supplements, and other enhancements, our customers get the best blend possible for their potted plants.

How Is Mary's Poop Made?

Mary's Alpaca Poop is gathered from the farm where the alpacas live and put into 'community piles.' Then the manure is processed in a proprietary composting system, heated to 135-155 degrees for three to five days, cured for up to five months, and ground down into the perfect poop.

Nutrient uptake is then significantly improved by adding fungi and Yucca. The poop is then packaged in biodegradable bags called Poop+ Pods so consumers can avoid a messy disaster. Just put one pod in water, stir, and water your plants. It's that easy! There are no harmful pathogens or weed seeds. Guaranteed to have a fresh earthy smell, this all natural, 100% organic plant fertilizer is the best.

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This is the best fertilizer ever. I use it on all my plants and veggie plants. I love it.
Poop your Plants
posted by
I can grow anything now!!! I love this poop!
HOW TO use your Poop Pods
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A New Yorker explains Poop care in his Manhattan apartment
A New Yorker talks about his POOP experience. Plant care in his apartment was a big success for indoor plant care.
Help your customer keep their new plant alive and thriving the natural way with Mary's Alpaca Poop+. Just POOP YOUR PLANTS weekly for health and vitality.

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