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Neoballs by Zen Magnets

"Addictive rare earth magnetic spheres for ages 14+. Est 2009, Denver Colorado."
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Boulder, CO 80306
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Product Preview

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Finding Zen in Magnetic Fun

January 25, 2019

There are moments in the day when we all have to ease the mind and find our Zen, but sometimes taking a deep breath is not enough. Zen Magnets LLC carries the products that help massage the mind, practice patience, relieve some boredom, and alleviate stress.

Zen Magnets has perfected the magnet game with small, strong earth super-magnets. Their ultra-high tolerance makes them the best at withstanding hours of tinkering and creating.

The Neoballs Double-Wide bundle is one of the best options for featuring the popular colored magnets, Neoballs. Including 24 of the 216 sets, the bundle also includes a video screen display featuring demonstrations on autoplay to introduce customers to the world of magnets.

The newly released Zen Focus Set is another quick gift product that allows for hours of creating and relaxing. With 72 high-quality magnet spheres, hovering in a clear acrylic tube, this great intro kit to Zen Magnets comes with a beginners guide, including six tutorials and 55 challenges.

Whether customers are in search of gifts or looking for what draws their eye, Zen Magnets LLC has high-quality magnets that can entertain as well as relax.


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Awesome Presentation, Great Quality.
posted by
Amazing mirror finish and cool box. It's so fun to play with and engineer cool shapes. I need to get more!
Simply the best!
posted by
Zen Magnets are unparalleled in quality, and customer service. These are waaaaay better than those cheap knock-off wannabes. I've had them so I know. I have purchased close to twenty of these Triumph sets and they totally rock!
Wonderful and Awesome
posted by
I am very happy to congratulate Zen Magnets for creating such a unique way to use magnets. You have captured an artistic concept from an every day item that brings such joy and inspiration to everyone. I consider Zen Magnets a collectible item for every family to enjoy.
Great magnets!
posted by
I've bought buckyballs many times in the past. The neoballs are much higher quality and consistent. I found the buckyballs coating would degrade pretty quickly leaving them with these ugly black holes in the silver. The neoballs haven't degraded yet and I've had them for over a year now. They're also relatively inexpensive.
Magnificent Magnets (Zen Magnets)
Magnificent Magnets (Zen Magnets)
Neoballs Magnet Ball Insects
6 different insects constructed out of various colors of Neoballs by Zen Magnets, and stop motion animated by Jett Williams.

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[Zen Contest] 71: Seperate Triple Mini announced, also Contest 70 Judging is live - https://t.co/KeI1xQ6wks https://t.co/4aKaeKGtA0
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