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Otto Step

Help your dog step easily into the back of your Truck or SUV. No picking up hind legs!
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Product Preview

Traveling Made Easy With Otto Step

February 7, 2019

Loving big dogs is easy. We love that big bark, the huge paws, how heavy they are when they try to cuddle like a lap dog...but those bigger breeds also present bigger challenges.

Traveling is one of the biggest challenges in owning a larger dog. It's easy enough for most of us to hoist ourselves into trucks and SUVs, but you might have noticed your pet struggling with it, especially as they age. Even just 2-3 feet can be not only inconvenient for your dog but damaging to their joints. Most pet owners are not aware that a dog can sustain injuries simply by getting in and out of a vehicle since the effects might not show until later in life. If we can help our dogs get into cars on their own, they can travel with us even into old age, saving both their joints and our backs as you will not have to lift them into those large SUVs. Believe it or not, one product makes this possible.

It's called the Otto Step! A durable, strong, and lightweight step that fits onto a 2" trailer hitch receiver. This step is not only affordable, but it's completely portable. You can put it in your SUV when you travel, then store it on a peg in your garage when you are home. You take it out, put it on the hitch, and it's good to go. In a matter of seconds, your dog can hop down, reducing the height jumped in half.

The step was named after the inventor's dog, Otto, a 160 lb. Newfoundland/St. Bernard mix who struggled to get into the family SUV. It was later tested on dogs at a doggie daycare, and the dogs quickly figured it out, remaining calm and walking up and down the step. The High traction 18"x16" surface is pet paw friendly and can hold animals up to 200 lbs. It also works with 1-1/4" adapters and comes with a lifetime warranty. The Otto Step has received the American Pet Association Seal of Approval.

Since there are 34 million SUVs and 40 million trucks on the road today and 42 percent of households, include dogs. That's why the Otto Step is such a great product that is so easy to use and affordable. Traveling with your pet just got simpler.

Order an Otto Step for you and your dog!


The Otto Step Provides A Simple Solution For Owners of Larger Pets

May 26, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Many of us are pet owners. Whether it's a friendly and loving dog, or a cuddly and adventurous cat, pets are integral in many aspects of our everyday lives. After all, when people let you down, you can always rely on a pet to cheer you up.

For many dog owners who have furry friends that are larger breeds, certain complications arise when it comes to transportation.

For dog owners that transport their dogs to different places by vehicle, such as to the vet or the park, it can sometimes be difficult convincing their dogs to jump out of the back of the vehicle and onto solid ground.

Otto Step

If you have customers that transport their dogs in the bed of their truck, or in the back of their SUV, then the Otto Step is the product they've been searching for.

The Otto Step was invented by Tim and Debbie Rudzik in Oregon as a solution to their own dilemma of getting their 160+ lbs. dog, Otto, safely in and out of the back of their vehicle.

The Otto Step is an easy-to-use invention that fits into any 2" trailer hitch receiver and creates a sturdy step that's able to hold more than 200 lbs while only weighing 6 lbs!

Tim and Otto

In addition to making it easier for dogs to step out of the back of a customer's vehicle, the Otto Step is also better for a dog's bones and joints. Rather than having to jump down to hard asphalt or concrete from a height of almost 3 feet, the Otto Step reduces that distance by half!

The Otto Step doesn't just help dogs, though; it also helps the owners of dogs, who may be forced to lift their dog in and out of the back of a vehicle if it's too scared to jump by itself. This can lead to back stress and possibly injury for the owner.

The Otto Step fits most 2" hitch receivers, but the company also sells adapters for 1 1/4" hitches, extension receivers for pickup trucks, and drop-down hitch receivers for larger SUVs.

With the Otto Step, this Oregon company has made a product that's not only affordable but also durable and lightweight!

When you buy an Otto Step, not only are you assuring a healthy life for your dog, but you're also purchasing an easy-to-use product that's veterinarian approved! Give your customers the option of purchasing an Otto Step and find out why it's called "The Best Pet Step Around."

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