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Retro Pets

Animal Art With An Attitude.™
Click to contact Retro PetsRetro Pets on Social Media Retro Pets Animal Art With An Attitude.™
WholesaleLocal: 505.983.2898More Information
Fax: 505.986.8441
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Retro Pets offers:

  • Artisans
    • Hand Painted
      • Greeting Cards
      • Paintings
  • Cards & Stationery
    • Blank
    • Greeting Cards
      • All Occasion Cards
      • Animal Art Cards
      • Blank Cards
  • Home Accents
    • Animal Decor
      • Cat
      • Dog
    • Artwork
      • Animal Art
      • Paintings
      • Portraits
      • Prints
    • Magnets
    • Style
      • Retro
    • Wall Decor
      • Artwork
      • Prints
      • Reproductions
  • Novelty
    • Cards & Stationery
      • Magnets
    • Decorative Accessories
      • Pet Art
      • Wall Decor
    • Kitchen
      • Magnets
    • Souvenirs
      • Magnets

Product Preview

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Sold 90 Magnets this week alone!
posted by
Hi Krista,

New display is going great!
We sold 90 magnets this week alone!
We love the floor spinner!
posted by
We LOVE the Retro Pets magnet
floor spinner. We put it right up front!
Cookie tin :)
posted by
Krista suggested we display
her magnets on a cookie tin...
they are so cute and customers
love ‘em!

Tara Maddin,
Club Mutt
Upgraded to Floor Spinner
posted by
So I upgraded to the full magnet floor spinner... What a difference!

I double stack the magnets otherwise I’d be constantly replacing empty spaces.

Nothing makes people stop more than Retro Pets magnets and there’s nothing retro about the increase in sales.
Retailers love Retro Pets!
A little shop in Santa Fe, NM that sells tons of Retro pets cards and magnets!
How Retro Pets began...
Tells the story of how Krista started Retro Pets in Santa Fe, NM back in 1998

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