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Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper

Pure Ground, All-Natural, Hickory Smoke Dried Pepper. Shake Well. Use Often!
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Product Preview

Spice Things Up with Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper

November 19, 2019

Nestled in the Ozarks of Arkansas is the smokehouse of Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper, the company that brings you delicious smoked peppers to season any meal!

The seasoning company was born after a cabin in Mount Olive, originally used as a vacation home, was transformed into a smokehouse. Using hickory wood to add to the flavoring of the peppers, Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper was off and running.

"Growing and cooking with various peppers has always been a keen interest for Randy," Katie Crumby said of her husband.

Randy's experiments with different methods of preservation began in his kitchen with a small coffee grinder and self-designed pepper smokehouse. Today, Randy and Katie use the hickory wood to preserve smoke-dried peppers, which are then finely ground and packed into shaker bottles. The Marconi, Joe Parker, Poblano, and Jalapeño peppers are packaged at the Arkansas Food Innovation Center without preservatives, additives, salts, or drying agents. These seasonings are a true "one-ingredient product" that taste great over steak, fish, vegetables, and soups.

The cold smoke method of preservation replaces the water in the peppers with the hickory smoke, creating the unique and robust flavor of the seasonings. With over 100 hours of smoking time with hickory wood, Crumby's method creates a delicious flavor that keeps customers coming back for more.

Even if spicy isn't at the top of your flavor list, Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper has the perfect product for your kitchen. The Marconi seasoning is a sweet Italian, no-heat mix that can still bring life to any dish. Take it up a notch with the Joe Parker New Mex Hatch or Poblano seasonings, which are a nice medium heat. For those a little more adventurous, the bottle of Jalapeno Hot will fire up those taste buds!

Spice up your life with the various seasonings of Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper. The full-bodied flavors are sure to turn any basic meal into something special and leave a delicious, lingering taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Find out more about Ruthie Mountain Smoked Pepper at ruthiemountainsmokedpepper.com!

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