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Southern Gourmet Delicacies
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2901 Hwy 165 South
Gillett, AR 72055
Fax: 870.946.0250
Mobile: 870.344.3946
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Product Preview

Know The Secrets Of The South?

September 28, 2009
You can practically taste the rich southern history in the wholesale southern foods from Secrets of the South. There is no trying this southern food. There is only enjoying and savoring it. With a love for gourmet cooking practically radiating from the pores of the owners, Secrets of the South are definitely secrets worth sharing.

Southern Foods from Secrets of the SouthOnly the best southern foods get the gourmet touch of Secrets of the South. There's an incredible line of southern gourmet foods with "ya'll will love this" practically written all over it. Open a package and watch your taste buds take off.

Your consumers will thank you because southern foods are a rare treat for people in other parts of the country. Secrets of the South brings their delicacies to you. If you want to offer something unique, try the southern gourmet foods from Secrets of the South.

What wholesale southern foods can you count on? The list is extensive but some favorites range from sauces to rubs, marinades to dips, and jams to soups. Dip mix favorites include bacon and cheese dip, cheddar and brocoli dip, cajun dip, lobster dip, and mexican dip mix. Soup favorites include creamy potato soup, cheese enchilada soup, tortilla soup, and creamy cheddar broccoli soup.

To list the delicious southern foods available in any sort of short list is impossible. If you want the full barometer of gourmet flavor straight from the south, browse the extensive offerings from Secrets of the South. Whether you choose one delicacy or a handful, you'll be proud of the choice because you will know that your consumers have the best of the best and received it in your store. There's no beating these treats. They are hands down among the finest gourmet foods that Dixie has to offer.

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