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Sunblossom Solar Gifts

Beautiful Indoor Chimes & More! We Provide You With Magical Chiming & Movement Without Wind or Batteries
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Click to contact Sunblossom Solar GiftsSunblossom Solar Gifts on Social Media Sunblossom Solar Gifts Beautiful Indoor Chimes & More! We Provide You With Magical Chiming & Movement Without Wind or Batteries
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21300 Willow Road
Manchester, MI 48158
Fax: 517.456.7566
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Sunblossom Solar Gifts offers:

  • Garden & Patio
    • Garden Decor
    • Garden Statues
    • Garden Wind Chimes
    • Solar Garden
    • Sun Catchers
    • Windchimes
      • Solar
    • Windmills
      • Solar
  • Greenhouse & Nursery
    • Decorative
      • Wind Chimes
  • Home Accents
    • Artwork
    • Chimes
      • Wind
    • Collectibles
    • Dolls
    • Figurines
    • Metalware
      • Windspinners
    • Office
    • Sculpture - Statues
    • Wire
  • Inspirational
    • Angels
    • Garden & Patio
      • Suncatchers
      • Wind Chimes
      • Wind Spinners
    • Home Accents
      • Chimes
      • Figurines
      • Sculpture
  • Novelty
    • Garden & Patio
      • Wind Chimes
      • Wind Spinners

Product Preview

Granite stone collection comes in textured landscape colors with a brown stand, natural stone strikers, and copper-colored chimes.

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Great customer service
posted by
"I don't have a record of when I started carrying the solar chimes, but I was in line at the Philadelphia show, maybe 10 years ago and knew at once they would be a best seller and the solar chimes are just that. I could not believe the demand in my little community and surrounding area. The chime was a big boost for my business. Sunblossom Solar Gifts has the best customer service I could ask for. Never a delay in shipping or returning phone calls for whatever reason. I've passed on my satisfaction with other retailers as to what a wonderful addition Sunblossom Solar Gifts is to my Made in USA craft business."
Best Seller
posted by
"Thanks for asking me to endorse the Solar Chimes, which I am delighted to do. I have carried Sunblossom Solar Chimes in my gallery for over 12 yeas and they are one of the best sellers at Unique Expressions with my customers. The customers service I receive from this artist is exceptional".
Stress Reliever
posted by
"The more stress there is in the world- the more your items are needed."
Sounds from Heaven
posted by
Can't wait to get up in the morning. They're sounds from Heaven."
Outstanding service
posted by
"I have always said that customer service is the heart and soul of a company. It is obvious that at Solar Chime this feeling is shared."
Best gift item ever
posted by
"You and your company should be proud of your products and especially your service. Many thanks. Absolutely the best gift item ever!! Received one myself and has been my No. 1 choice for gifts ever since."
The best housewarming gifts ever
posted by
"We've been buying your soulmates at a local art store for several housewarming gifts and a couple birthdays. they are the best housewarming gifts ever. Please don't ever stop making them :)."
Love my Chimes
posted by
"I just love the sound and the wonderful feel it gives my whole house. My birds also love it! They are singing more than ever! I was also happy to see that they came in recycled boxes! Thank you for saving a tree and the earth!
Best gift I ever received
posted by
"It is the best gift that I could have ever received, and would not have had that pleasure, if your talent had not dreamt it. My heartfelt thanks."
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, this product!!!!
posted by
This product is great. I was at out local gift shop she had it hanging on window caught my eye right away. words cannot express the peaceful feeling that come over me & others that have seen it!!!!
Beautiful sounds
posted by
"I have received two of your wonderful chimes as gifts, one for my own home and mountain home. The beautiful sound makes my day in each location. Thank you so much."
Beautiful and Calming
posted by
I have owned the Window solar Mobile for over 5 years now. so many of my clients and friends have commented on how beautiful and calming they are. Earlier this year, I bought the Window Chimes. I love them both so much and can't imagine not having their beauty on a daily basis. They are beautifully made, but even more so is that they sound like a little piece of heaven.

I hear the chimes all day long, and they make my day. There are sooooo many clients and friends who must have it in their home or business too. You guys also provide the BEST customer service. You stand by your products, and I enjoyed all the conversations and great tips you've given me. You have a customer for life. It's amazing how many people have bought them after seeing mine. They all say it makes them happy to hear them all day long. Thanks so much for giving us such special treasures!
A joy to have
posted by
"Love, Love, Love your chimes. My angles, keep me company in the kitchen during the day. They are on the east facing window and make me smile all day. thanks for inventing them, I have had so much joy out of listening to them."
Felt like I was at the spa
posted by
"Just brought a Sunblossom Solar Chime from a small store called Fancy That in BRenham Texas. I just love them. I put a small radio in the linen closet of the bathroom and put a relaxing CD on, lit a candle and dimmed the light. some bubble bath and I was ready. I felt like I was at the spa. during the day they softly chim sitting by the window above the tub. Thank you for making something so wonderful!"
Validation Chimes
posted by
"My entry is full of universal guidance when I propose the name "VALIDATION CHIMES" Which is what myself and many who come to my practice refer to the solar chimes as.... because they choose to dispel their built up solar energy at the most significant and validating moments of physical emotional and spiritual release, clarity, and insight as well as visits from loved ones in spirit."
Butterfly Mobile
Two styles of our butterfly mobile to choose from! Both are depictions of a wonder of nature. The captivating circular flight is created by any light source. Six fabric butterflies can be arranged as you wish.
Belle Fleur
Bring this flower indoors year round. Powered by any light source, the Belle Fleur comes in four different colors to choose from.
Bella Blossom
The classy and graceful Bella Blossom chimes gently in the home, office, or protected outdoor oasis. A specially designed stand becomes the rising stem for the open bloom flower top containing our unique solar-powered technology.
Sun Sprite
Bright and spritely, this indoor solar powered chime has a visual flow of colors merging together and mingling from top to bottom. No batteries needed and come in a wide variety of color choices.
Sea Shell Sprite
Comes with different holding options. A black stand or a window stand. No two seashells are alike! Perfect to remind you of the beach. The seashell sprite comes in two different sandy surfaces.
Jewel Collection
Deep and rich. Four romantic gemstone colors to choose from. Champagne, emerald, ruby, and sapphire.
Metallic Collection
The look of textured metallic colors decorate the cone-shaped top that contains beautifully, technology converting light into chiming. FOur colors to choose from- aged pewter, cast iron, copper, and patina.
Indoor Garden
Bring your flower garden inside with this impressive Indoor Garden Solar Powered beauty.
Spiral Chime
Simple and elegant, its domed shape features a richly textured surface as its counterpart. Comes in two colors; terra cotta and verdigris.
Sun and Moon window Chimes
Sunshine on the window brings a musical start to the day. Also comes in a moon style.
Soul Mates
Elegant, and soulful, each figurine chars the heart. They make great wedding and anniversary gifts, gifts to honor a special relationship... or just because.
Capiz Solar Mobile
This mobile incorporates Sunblossom solar technology into silent, magical, and mesmerizing movement. Comes in a variety of colors.

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