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Witzend Workshop LLC

COVID 19 Mask Materials (Wire)! TWISTEEZWIRE Sculpture Wire--Great For Floral, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Gardening and More! WE MAKE WAX MELTING TOOLS!!
Click to contact Witzend Workshop LLCClick to view Witzend Workshop LLC Vendor SpotlightWitzend Workshop LLC on Social Media Witzend Workshop LLC COVID 19 Mask Materials (Wire)! TWISTEEZWIRE Sculpture Wire--Great For Floral, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Gardening and More! WE MAKE WAX MELTING TOOLS!!
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8 Carmel Road
Bethany, CT 06524
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Witzend Workshop LLC offers:

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Express Your Creativity with Witzend Workshop

August 25, 2020

Have fun and express your creativity with colorful art products from Witzend Workshop.

Sometimes we find the most important things in life even when we aren't looking. Witzend Workshop was born when owners Harold and Kiki Rabinowitz went to their local junkyard to find auto parts. Stumbling upon a small pile of discarded wire, their artistic imaginations ran rampant with all the possibilities. Instantly becoming a hit within their children's art classes, they realized that their small material find had become far more valuable than they could have imagined. This was merely the beginning of the art products they would come to create.

Twisteezwire, the product that came from their junkyard discovery, has grown in great popularity since it began. Including every color of the rainbow and made in the USA without any harmful materials or BCAs, you can trust that these fun craft products are safe for your children to use. With Twisteezwire, your children can create fun sculptures and designs out of a pliable material that lets them express their creativity and have fun at the same time! Not only can you make fun figures with Twisteezwire, but you can also use them to create your own special facemasks to help you stay protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out their tutorial video on how to make your own facemask at home with Twisteezwire!

With children's creativity and education in the arts in mind, Harold and Kiki didn't stop their story at Twisteezwire. Witzend Workshop excels at making other children's craft products, such as the Waxmelter Palette and Candymelter Palette! These two products are great for melting down both wax and candy products to turn them into new beautiful works of art. The Little Dipper and Squeeze Pen allow children and adults alike to take the melted materials and squeeze them into their own designs and works of art. The Candymelter Palette acts as an amazing tool for bakers as well, providing a fun way to create beautiful and scrumptious treats!

Creativity is limitless and Witzend Workshop provides both children and adults fun and affordable ways to express their imagination. Stay entertained for hours and even create something to share with your friends and family! With Witzend Workshop, you get the ability to express your creativity in every color of the rainbow.

Find out more about Witzend Workshop at www.twisteezwire.com/!


Witzend Workshop LLC Makes Artistic Products To Enhance Creativity

December 19, 2017

Sometimes, menial tasks can lead to unexpected discoveries. This was exactly what happened when Witzend Workshop LLC founders Harold and Kiki Rabinowitz went to look for car parts, only to discover a brand new way for creative kids to make colorful works of art.

While looking for parts to repair a car, Harold and Kiki discovered stacks of discarded phones with wires sticking out of them. These wires were both colorful and pliable, and they both realized, being artists themselves, it would make a wonderful material for creating art.

Twisteezwire was born out of this simple and happy accident. They have been a successful product for both school supply catalogues and for art suppliers for more than 55 years.

Although Harold and Kiki no longer run the business, their eldest child, Sandy, keeps the business running to this day, with the help of her five siblings.

Twisteezwire is made without harmful materials, such as phthalate and BPA, and they are also RoHS compliant. Not only that, but these products are made in the USA, so you can rest easy knowing they are made with quality and care.

Every color of the rainbow is represented by Twisteezwire, meaning there are thousands of possible color combinations to be made when playing with this product.

They also have fun kits available that customers can use to make interesting wire creations. Each Twisteezwire kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a bundle of colorful wires.

Want to make a colorful mask that packs so much character in every wire used to construct it? What about vibrant bracelets that are great for jewelry making parties, or everyday wear? Twisteezwire can help you do both! These kits are great for kids, and adults, who want to explore their creativity and have fun while doing it.

But it's not just wire art that Witzend Workshop excels at making; wonderful, artsy products can also be found in their Wax and Candy Melting products!

Their Waxmelter Palette, Batik Pen, Little Dipper and Squees Pen products are perfect for taking crayons and other wax products, and turning them into new and beautiful works of art.

The Rabinowitz's noticed while teaching that crayons often break and have little bits that fall off of the main crayon. These crayon bits are too small to use on their own, but what if there was a way to transform them into something else?

This is where the idea of the Waxmelter Palette came in. These bits of crayon or other waxes could be heated high enough to melt, but not burn, and transform them into colorful artistic creations.

The Little Dipper and the Squeeze Pen are used to take the melted wax, and safely apply it to fabric, canvas, paper, wood, eggs, and more.

In the same vein as the Waxmelter Palette, the Candymelter Palette can melt candy coatings, chocolate melts, and merkins to create delicious artistic creations! They are perfect for bakers and confectioners looking to use candy coating to decorate their edible products.

There's no better place to find products that stretch your creative juices, and let you have fun while doing it! Check out Witzend Workshop LLC and their Twisteezwire and Wax Melters for awesome, artistic fun!


Get Creative with Witzend Workshop LLC

July 13, 2012
Finding products for everyone in your store is essential, even the children. Having products that will keep children entertained for hours, yet they can still learn and work with their hands is always a plus. Parents will love that as well as the kids. So, what type of products do you feature? One product that comes to mind is Twisteeze from a quality company that is always working towards creating unique products to satisfy everyone.

Twisteez WireWitzend Workshop LLC truly offers a stand out product that children of all ages will love. This is a family owned business that has been producing Twisteez wire and wax melting goods since 1960. So, what exactly are Twisteez?

They are colorful pieces of wire that are great for arts and crafts. It's just not wire, it's a product that will keep children entertained for hours and be able to get truly creative. Their creativity is limitless.

What can they create with these fun crafting wires? Almost anything they like. Children just have to let their creativity get to working. Creating colorful balls that can serve as some fun home decor, alligator, robots, hearts, seasonal decor, wire flowers, baskets macrame and even jewelry are just some of the things children and even adults will be creating.

Witzend Workshop LLC even offers videos on their website with some creative tutorials. Improving children motor skills, while they have fun is an absolute plus! Everyone will find that these items are so fun to make! Children can even make items to give as gifts. Not only are these great for children, but adults, teachers and Sunday school teachers will enjoy these products.

Twisteez WhiskYou'll also find more than just colorful wires. Their wax melter palette can create crayons, while their wax melter pen melts wax or crayon to produce a controlled line for drawing, candle decorating, silk painting and wax resist. Even the adults in your store will be getting crafty.

Also, these make wonderful gifts! Pair them with children books, paint and other arts and craft supplies and your customers will have an unforgettable gift. Kids will open this present and be pleasantly surprised when they see these fun and colorful wires!

When wanting to find unique products for the children in your store; Witzend Workshop LLC. is the one to choose. Their colorful wires and unique craft items will have everyone getting creative.

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