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WE R FUN Games

We bring FUN into lives, because people LOVE FUN GAMES!
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FGmarket's Weekly Pick - WE R FUN Games

October 7, 2020

Switch up your family game nights and add some variety with games for all ages to enjoy from WE R FUN Games!

Originating from a small family farm in Minnesota, WE R FUN Games was born when owner, Ev Johnson and her brother Keith Gohl created the board game, Life on the Farm, that mimicked the ups and downs of everyday farm life. After becoming extremely popular and even winning the Mom’s Choice Award WE R FUN Games decided to expand and create more games for the whole family to enjoy.

Expanding their products, WE R FUN Games offers a variety of fun games that are perfect for any family occasion. Offering games for pre-school children, family game nights, skateboarders, and more, WE R FUN Games shows you just what it’s like to have a good time. Going outside and having fun has never been so easy! With Jortner’s Trick Dice for skateboarders, you can go outside and enhance your skill with these fun dice! Alone or with friends, this is a great option to get you moving and improving. Each game from WE R FUN Games offers a unique yet familiar experience that allows you to enjoy your time with the ones you love!

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many kids bored at home. Combat that boredom with games that reach all ages! Rainy days have never been so fun. With WE R FUN Games you’re sure to have a great time and make lasting memories. Share laughter, share FUN, share love, with WE R FUN Games today!

Find out more about WE R FUN Games in the video below or at www.werfungames.com/!


Fun & Games for All Ages

March 12, 2020

Forget the same old deck of cards and the chessboard—We R FUN Games have something better. Check out their wide variety of games that'll be fun for everyone in the family!

LIFE on the FARM

We R FUN Games started from humble beginnings. A small family farm in Minnesota became the inspiration for their first board game called LIFE on the FARM. It shows the real-life experiences and unpredictable mishaps that make life fun. It even won the Mom's Choice Award and includes some fun animal facts and money skills that make education exciting.

After their first popular game, We R FUN Games decided to create something for the little ones in the family as well. They made the Preschool LIFE on the FARM Puzzle game because family time should be enjoyable no matter the age.

The Perfect Games for Travel

It's always good to have games on-the-go! That's why We R FUN Games created FORTY BELOW - the World's Coolest Card Game. This simpler, smaller, less-expensive game is perfect for family trips.

Speaking of family trips, they're not always indoors. STAR RACE is a glow-in-the-dark spelling tile game that is both wind and water-resistant for all your camping trips and messy adventures!

The Great Outdoors

Evelyn Johnson, the creator of We R FUN Games, paired up with Brian Jortner to create Jortner's Trick Dice, a game all about skateboard tricks without the ramps. Made for both beginner and advanced skateboarders, kids can use their own skateboard and play on any flat surface to develop their skills. When Evelyn and Brian took this to the Chicago Toy and Industry Event, everyone wanted in on the fun!

Games to be Remembered

We R FUN Games has received many awards, including the Best Family Fun Award, Education Clearinghouse Award of Excellence, Creative Child Award's Game of the Year, and more. This "best in family-friendly media products and services" company is all about bringing fun to the whole family.

As they always say, "Share Laughter, Share FUN, Share Love," and check out We R FUN Games today!

Find out more about We R FUN Games at www.werfungames.com!

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Skate Trick Dice
Skate Trick Dice

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