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Westco Educational Products

Westco Educational Products is dedicated to providing quality, safe, and affordable music and movement products designed to encourage and enhance a fun educational experience.
Click to contact Westco Educational ProductsClick to view Westco Educational Products Vendor Spotlight Westco Educational Products Westco Educational Products is dedicated to providing quality, safe, and affordable music and movement products designed to encourage and enhance a fun educational experience.
Wholesale WebsiteTollfree: 866.657.3450Local: 319.688.6900More Information
1212 5th Street
Coralville, IA 52241
Fax: 319.351.0479

Westco Educational Products offers:

  • Artisans
    • Hand Made
      • Instruments
    • Instruments
    • Wood
  • Baby
    • Music
      • Baby Lullabyes
      • Baby Playtime Music
      • Christian Baby Music
      • Christmas Baby Music
      • Classical Baby Music
  • Books, Music & Electronics
    • Bags - Cases
    • Books
    • Instruments
      • Guitars
  • Education
    • Childrens Education
      • Educational Toys
      • Songbooks
    • Educational Books
      • Songbooks
    • Music Education
      • Childrens Music Education
    • Teaching Supplies
  • Inspirational
    • Music
      • Songbooks
    • Religious
      • Songbooks
  • Novelty
    • Books & Music
  • Toys
    • Musical Toys
      • Maracas

Product Preview

Founded in 2011, Westco is an educational music instrument wholesale company, with emphasis on the school specialty market. Our roots run deep in the music instrument industry spanning over 75 years of experience. Through our experience, we identified a need for better quality musical products suitable for the youngest players.

Westco sets new higher standards for quality, safety, value and musicality. We partner with manufacturers who are equally invested in our vision, stressing family values, integrity, and strong business practices. We have visited the factories of all of our global partners to evaluate how our products are made, and we continue to strengthen those relationships daily.

In addition to our strengths at building lasting business partnerships, our staff members also possess a range of talent as musicians, educators and parents to provide expert feedback on every instrument we choose to develop or add to our line.

Over the past several years, we have expanded our product offering beyond the school market to also service early education, seniors, music therapy, and retail toy stores.  Thanks to all of our customer partners, Westco is a growing and successful company dedicated to raising the industry benchmarks and providing quality musical experiences for every user of our products.

Sharpen Your Musical Abilities With Westco

May 14, 2019

A need for better quality musical products for young players sparked the beginning of Westco, a company dedicated to encouraging and enhancing educational experiences!

Westco, a wholesale musical instrument company, was formed in 2011 with an emphasis on the school specialty market. With 75 years of experience in the music industry, Westco was able to identify the need for better instruments for young musicians.

Aside from better quality, Westco sets higher standards for value, musicality, and safety. Westco also works with manufacturers that share the vision of integrity, strong business practices, and family values. The employees at Westco bring another level of professionalism to the company; those working at Westco are musicians, educators, and parents who can give feedback on every instrument produced.

Westco has grown since 2011 and has now expanded service to early education, seniors, retail toy stores, and music therapy.

The products at Westco cover a wide spectrum. Tambourines, drums, glockenspiels, ukuleles, and banjos are all available, meaning customers can practice stringed instruments and percussion! Each instrument is delightfully unique, coming in bright colors or fun patterns, such as sugar skulls.

Don't forget about the wind instruments! Recorders, duck calls, harmonicas, kazoos, and whistles all offer a joyful way to learn music.

Westco provides unique ways to enter the world of music. Boomwhackers are tuned plastic tubes that can be played by tapping on hands, tables, or any surface!

For those stepping into music at a true beginner level, Westco offers print music. These books are filled with pages of songs to play on handbells and recorders. If you're interested in trying it with a friend, then check out the duet books!

Instrument kits are also available at Westco. The 7-piece multicultural rhythm kit contains a Chilean rainstick, Brazilian agogo bell, den den drum, maracas, wooden fish, ankle bells, and hardwood claves as an introduction to new sounds and rhythms. The animal sounds kit is a perfect way to teach young children about what noises an animal makes and comes with a duck call, quack stick, frog rasp, owl whistle, and a cricket rasp.

Westco also provides storage for all of these amazing instruments. Colorful cloth bags, market baskets, or simple storage totes keep each musical item safe and clean.

Music is crucial to development. Westco fully recognizes this and has developed the perfect inventory to spread music education to people of all ages!

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Sound Choice 6" Triangle TR7201-06SC
posted by
My sons' absolutely love this triangle. They like that they are playing a real instrument. It actually sparked one of my son's interest in playing other instruments. Now he has started learning how to play the guitar. It's pretty cool how a little triangle can get a child interested in music who showed no interest before. I think music and the arts are important.

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