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American Minky Blankets

Our plush minky blankets are hand made in Estacada, Oregon. They are the perfect treat to spoil your pet!
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FGmarket's Weekly Pick - American Minky Blankets

February 10, 2021

Treat yourself and your pets to quality plush blankets crafted by American Minky Blankets!

Handmade out of Estacada, Oregon, each blanket is created with comfort as its number one priority. American Minky Blankets constructs its products with a luxurious mink-like fabric that easily shakes out pet hair and prevents pilling. Perfect for pets and humans alike, these cozy products are ones that you and your furry friends will love for years to come.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that match you or your pet's personalities! American Minky Blankets offers many different blankets, crate pads, kennel beds, and scarves for its customers. These high-quality products are durable and can be easily cleaned and stay looking new even after being washed. Blankets come in 4 different sizes so that every dog, baby, and human can relax in style. Wrap up in it or use it for decoration! These blankets are ones that everyone will love.

Pamper your pups with a bed that they will never want to leave. American Minky Blankets' plush crate pads and kennel beds are created to help give your dog the bed they deserve. Durable and easy to clean, you will be just as excited as your furry friends! Enjoy comfort like never before and allow you and your pets to experience luxurious products from American Minky Blankets.

Find out more about American Minky Blankets in the video below or at www.americanminkyblankets.com/!



Get Cozy With Plush Minky Blankets

June 30, 2020
Spoil yourself and your dogs with these luxurious hand made blankets.

 American Minky Blankets, also known as RoseCityPetGear, makes plush, handmade blankets that are irresistible. Starting in 2008 American Minky Blankets began making dog crate pads and blankets with leftover fabric materials. They began selling their products at dog shows and quickly became a hit with both dogs and owners! Realizing how much people loved this plush material, American Minky Blankets expanded their products to include adults, teens, babies, and pets.

Making your comfort a priority, this family-owned business designs and sews each of their products. Each product is easily maintained and crafted with a high-tech, mink-like fabric. This fabric allows the blanket to easily shake out any pet fur and prevents pilling. These blankets are also washing machine safe, ensuring your comfy blanket will last for years to come! They'll continue to look brand new even after multiple washes.

Share the comfort with your pets as well! Spoil your pets in their very own plush oasis with crate pads, kennel beds, or their very own plush blanket. Their soft pet beds are filled with a soft polyester filling with a thick batting. Each bed and crate pad is machine washable and made with top-rated material to ensure maximum comfort. Your pets will love them and you will too!

These soft blankets also make for great gifts. Celebrate baby showers and birthdays with a gift that everyone can enjoy. Available in many different colors and patterns, there's something for everyone at American Minky Blankets! Great for a cold fall evening or even those nights when you just want to snuggle up and watch a movie. Live the luxurious lifestyle with a blanket that you know will last you for years to come.


Find out more about American Minky Blankets at www.americanminkyblankets.com!

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