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BBQr's Delight

Real Smoke. Real Flavor. Real Good.
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1609 Celia Rd
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
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The Secret To A BBQr's Delight

January 7, 2009
Wood Pellets Add Savory Delight

To end the suspense, the secret to a delightful meal of deliciously barbecued meat lies in wood pellets from BBQr's Delight. With the intense taste of more than ten flavors, each wood pellet contains a very condensed and flavor packed aroma that melts its way into the meat, locking in a savory, mouth-watering flavor.

Smoked wood barbecue has been around for many years and will be around for many more. The wonderful tastes that embolden the meat after being smoked are perfected, tried and tested, craved. Wood pellets are a more economical and every bit as savory way to infuse barbecue meat with bold flavors. Your customers will love that pellets are more bang for their buck and just as good for your wallet as well!

So how will the wood pellets from BBQr's Delight outperform the competition of smoking pellets from other stores. Quality comes first with BBQr's Delight. When this kind of quality is combined with the unbeatable performance of wood pellets, you'll find happy customers at your door waiting for more!

Wood pellets are wood that has been stripped of the air which condenses the wood (and the flavor) into small pellets. These pellets have unbeatable qualities when burned. One of these wonderful qualities is that it takes 5-10 more times the weight of wood than the amount of pellets needed to burn at a normal cooking event. In most of these cases, just 1/3 a cup of pellets will do! Added to this benefit is the enhanced taste of condensed flavor that wraps itself in the wood quicker, fuller, better.

Need many quality flavors? Looking for just that one distinctive taste to drive it home for your customers? Whether sticking with hickory or experimenting with other flavors, the choices from BBQr's Delight are numerous. Try apple, oak, orange, mulberry, sassafras, cherry, black walnut, savory herb, Jack Daniel's® and others. The list just keeps on going!

Next to the rest of your garden and patio products, smoking pellets for an afternoon barbecue seems like a natural addition to the shopping cart. With so much to love about barbecue wood pellets, why not smoke the competition by offering some of the many great choices from BBQr's Delight?

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