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The Resident Chef

Fresh Handmade Dips, Mixes, Spices, Cheeseballs & More
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Springdale, AR 72764
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Appease Those Taste Buds With The Resident Chef

February 14, 2011
The way to your customer's loyalty is through their stomach, of course. Whether your customers are in search of something for themselves or as a great gift item; gourmet food is suitable for both occasions. Dips, soups and dessert mixes are all tasty and satisfy that home cooked meal your customers crave. Lining your shelves with gourmet food products will never be a bad decision. So, start with products from The Resident Chef.

Gourmet MixesThe Resident Chef wants to help make your customer's lives in the kitchen that much easier. They'll have all the tastes of a homemade dish from scratch with their easy products. You'll receive quality ingredients with exquisite taste that no one can beat.

They offer up dips, cheeseballs, soups, drinks and seasonings that will wow taste buds.

Satisfying Food

Are your customers planning on throwing a party? Do they have little time to spare? Their easy cheeseball, dips and drink concoctions will help them throw an appetizing party. Veggie dip, fiesta dip, pumpkin dip, pineapple pecan chicken salad mix, white chocolate cranberry cheesecake cheeseball, lemon drop cheeseball and cafe mocha all sound so delightful and will truly help make anyone's party a success. These appetizers will make the perfect pairing.

Maybe your customers are wanting to throw a dinner party and are sparse on time. The Resident Chef provides delicious soup mixes that will warm anyone's soul. Chicken noodle soup, taco soup, tortilla soup and busy day potato soup are all the delicious mixes that they have created for your store. These soups will never disappoint. Whether people are needing some appetizing food for a party or just a quick fix after a stressful day, their tasty food will always satisfy.

Pleasing Gift Items

Delicious Cheeseball

Finding the right gift to please someone is a hard task. Well, everyone loves food. Especially gourmet food that simply tastes amazing. Let your customers give one of their cookies and cream cheeseball wrapped up in one of your adorable gift bags. It will be a truly pleasing gift.

Are they needing something more? Well, fill up a basket with their delicious soup mixes, drinks, dip mixes and seasonings to create a fantastic gift that anyone will enjoy. Mmm, can't you just taste everything now?

When deciding what type of gourmet foods you want to serve up to your customers, start with The Resident Chef. You'll always receive quality ingredients to create an end product of delicious food. There's no going wrong with these delightful gourmet mixes.

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The dips and cheese ball and coffee and cider were great
posted by
we were at Branson went to the village shops and they were serving all sorts of dips and cheese balls coconut coffee there and cider it was wonderful I bought several of the products and brought them home to Arkansas I'm going to serve them in bible study. I was very surprised to find that they were made 25 miles from my home great to know

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