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Bouchard Family Farm

Authentic French Acadian Buckwheat Pancake Mix.....PLOYES
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Wholesale WebsiteLocal: 207.834.3237More Information
3 Strip Road
Fort Kent, ME 04743
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Product Preview

All In The Family

May 21, 2019

The Bouchard Family has always had a farm in Fort Kent, Maine and been proud of it. During a particularly difficult year, the family came up with the idea that could help the farm. Inspired by boxed beignet mix from Louisiana, they decided to try their hand at creating a ploye boxed mix. Before long, this spur-of-the-moment idea changed the Bouchard Family Farm forever!

International Delight

Ployes are very thin pancakes made of buckwheat flour. Very popular in the Madawaska region of Canada, they are very versatile and can be embellished with any topping. Originating from France, ployes can be created as the main dish for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, and because the base is buckwheat flour, it is healthy as well as delicious!

Healthy & Delicious

The Bouchard Family Farm has prided itself in perfecting their mixes and creating products that are healthy for everyone. From their delicious original ployes mix to their buckwheat flour, all of their products are gluten-free and certified kosher.

Whether it's a gift to a friend who loves to bake or a family member that is gluten intolerant, Bouchard Family Farm has products that are delicious for everyone and good for you too!

For more information about Bouchard Family Farm, go to www.ployes.com.


Baking With Buckwheat

April 16, 2015

 When most people think of plants that are used in baking, wheat and oats are the most common. But did you also know that buckwheat can be used, and has been used, in baking for hundreds of years?

At Bouchard Family Farms, buckwheat is used in all of their baking mixes, from flours to pancake mixes, and hearken back to a time when the plant was used to create delicious, and healthy baked goods!

What is Buckwheat?

Contrary to popular belief, buckwheat is not actually a grain, but an herb or fruit, very closely related to wild rhubarb. The word “buckwheat” comes from a Dutch word that means beech wheat, and refers to the fruit of the buckwheat, which resembles a tiny beech nut. This misnomer is what confuses people who hear about buckwheat. It also surprises those who don’t know that the buckwheat is naturally gluten free; which is contrary to most “wheats” and “grains.”

The buckwheat flour grown on the farm is used to make a traditional French Acadian flatbread known as a ploye. Their ployes are made from buckwheat flour, wheat flour, aluminum free baking powder and salt. Because of the specific ingredients used in ployes, they are both gluten free (thanks to the buckwheat flour) and also vegan friendly (no eggs, milk, or oils are used in the mix!)

Gluten free diets are becoming a popular and necessary restriction for many people, and your customers will love finding this option available in your store!

Buckwheat Pancakes

If your customers are pancake lovers (and I’m sure they are), they’ll love Bouchard Family Farms ployes mix. These mixes are perfect for pancakes, and are available in both an original and whole wheat buckwheat mix.Maple Syrup Gift Package

And if you’re looking to sell the perfect gift for cooks coming to your store, they have two gift packages available. The blueberry gift package includes a 24 oz. bag of regular ployes mix, another 24 oz. bag of whole wheat ployes mix, and a 10 oz. jar of original wild blueberry topping!

Their maple syrup gift package contains the same mixes as the blueberry package, but instead of blueberry topping, it includes a 8.45 oz. jar of pure maple syrup! It’s the perfect gift for flapjack fans!

Cookbooks For Chefs

French Acadian CookbookAnd if your customers are really into baking and cooking their own foods, the farm also has cookbooks available. One of their most popular books is the French Acadian Cookbook, which contains original French Acadian recipes, gluten free buckwheat flour recipes, ploye mix recipes, and more! A history of the family farm, from its early start in the 1980s, is also included in the book.

So, if your customers want gluten free, vegan friendly, and delicious baking mixes, they’ll find exactly what they need thanks to the family business at Bouchard Family Farms!


Bouchard Family Farm Brings French Tradition to Any Table!

April 9, 2010
When times got rough, the Bouchards got French. Faced with a struggling potato farming industry, the Bouchards moved their kitchen into their garage and began making mixes to share recipes their family had been enjoying for years. Similar to a crepe, Ployes (rhymes with boys), are thin, pancake-like treats made of a special light buckwheat flour. The Bouchards began making a mix for these French specialty foods after their oldest daughter returned from Louisiana with a mix for beneigts, a famous French dessert similar to a doughnut.

Lactose, sugar, fat and cholesterol-free, Bouchard's Family Farm Ployes mix makes delicious, versatile Ployes, that can be served with any meal. They make a wonderful breakfast! And the good news is a Ployes from Bouchard's Family Farm has fewer calories than a slice of bread! Fill them with fruit and roll them, use them as dumplings, or serve them alongside soup. Ployes add a healthy, homemade touch to any meal.

Bring a bit of history to the table each meal with Bouchard Family Farm. Their family traditions, and the traditions of countless other families, can be yours too just by adding water. It really is an easy fool-proof way to add something new and special to your next family gathering.

They're so simple to make; the Bouchards have mixed everything together. You just add the water and well-greased pan. That's it!

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Annual Ploye Festival
Annual Ploye Festival

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