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The Coolest Name In Floral Refrigeration Is Bush Refrigeration

August 14, 2009
How do you display your flowers? Do you use a regular walk-in cooler? Do you use a display style walk-in cooler? How about a normal floral merchandiser where customers can just grab the arrangement of their choice? If any of these floral refrigeration systems sound familiar, the coolest name you'll ever hear is Bush Refrigeration.

Floral Coolers from Bush RefrigerationBush Refrigeration is a florists best friend because their products keep flowers the freshest and most beautiful longer. Flower shops are not limited to the traditional options for floral cooling and refrigeration. Now there are great options for both showcasing the flowers and keeping them cool. Options like low boy open merchandisers make picking a selection as easy as reaching down and grabbing one. Long door floral coolers provide a very boutique like appearance as do geometric front display coolers.

Flower and gift shops that carry live plants or bucket arrangements will benefit from 4' deep bucket and step floral display coolers. Whether your shop is set up more like a boutique or like a traditional flower shop, you'll find the cooling and refrigeration that you need for your flowers at Bush Refrigeration.

Ever thought to include a floral vending machine in your store? Some people feel like a candy bar. Others like bags of chips. The people in your shop will find these things at the register but will really be drawn to your floral vending machines. Not seen in many small town flower shops, floral vending machines are interesting, fresh, relatively new and provide an almost whimsical sense of curiosity. Once your customers realize that the prize on the inside is a beautiful flower arrangement, you'll have fun trying to keep it stocked!

Bush Refrigeration has all of these and more. If you need a cooler for your flowers or simple refrigeration to keep them fresh while on display, contact the coolest company in the floral refrigeration world.

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