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Cerridwen's Forest

Mixed Fresh Wreaths,Seasonal Products & More... All Hand Made in Pennsylvania.
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276 Arbutus Park Road
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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    • Made in the USA
  • Holiday & Special Occasion
    • Christmas
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    • Wreaths

Find Peace In Nature With Products From Cerridwen's Forest

March 7, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

For the nature lover looking for a rustic charm to add to his or her home, look no further than the gorgeous wreaths from Cerridwen's Forest!

Imagine a tear-shaped wreath with wisps of blueberry and heather greeting guests at your front door, or maybe branches of willow curled into a flower, just in time for spring! Cerridwen's Forest has it all, no matter the season or occasion, in designs such as country or primitive.

All of Cerridwen's Forest's products are made right here in the United States with materials straight from the countryside of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The handmade wreaths are built to imitate a growing forest with an airy effect. The birch branches of the Forest Song wreath, for example, stretch outward, complete with a bird resting in the center, bringing forth images of wind swaying in the trees among a bird's nest.

Blueberry HeatherIf you need to bring a little nature inside your home, Cerridwen's Forest has plenty to offer. Stem bunches of black pussy willow placed in a tall vase next to a fireplace can complete the look of a room. Bundles of birch and heather with a bird nestled in the center can also be the perfect centerpiece for any dining room table.

The talent of Cerridwen's Forest crafters doesn't end there. Decorative chairs formed from birch or blueberry are sure to give a fairy-like feel to your home. And if you prefer to plan months ahead for Christmas, let Cerridwen's Forest be your one-stop shop. Full, beautifully green wreaths of fir, cedar and holly are available, as well as various garland strips to grace your doorframe or fireplace.

Forget about buying wreaths from stores that may fall apart from being mass produced. Give Cerridwen's Forest a try and see the difference these handmade items make!

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