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Cool Cache Farms

Peonies Fresh From Our Farm and Direct to You! Available July through early August.
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Product Preview

FGmarket's Weekly Pick: Cool Cache Farms

July 12, 2023

Find the perfect peonies at Cool Cache Farms!

The "Great Land" of Alaska produces even greater peonies! It's easier than ever for florists, event designers, or large-scale buyers to get their hands on these showstopping flowers. Cool Cache Farms begins harvesting buds in the first half of July and can provide peonies as late as the first of October! While their colors vary yearly, buyers can expect saturated shades of red, pink, and yellow or muted tones like white, cream, and light pink. Better yet, their peonies are available for next-day delivery upon availability. Alaskan Peonies are extremely popular, so place your order ASAP!

Find out more about Cool Cache Farms in the video below or at www.alaskanpeony.com!


Showstopping Peonies from Alaska Peony Farms

June 6, 2023

Take the stress out of peony season with Alaska Peony Farms!

Wayne and Patti Floyd planted their first peonies in Alaska in 2012. Soon after, they noticed how difficult it was for larger orders of the flowers to be made because of the small size of the peony farms in Alaska. Wayne worked with a software engineer to develop Alaska Peony Farms, a wholesale peony shopping website that allows buyers to buy from multiple farms with only one payment at checkout. Now it's easy for florists, event designers, and other large-scale buyers to get their hands on these beautiful blooms!

The long days in Alaska create the perfect environment for large peony buds, and the cool weather results in more brilliant colors for each bloom. Peonies can range in size from 3 to 9 inches wide! These giant blooms make show stopping arrangements, and are perfect for weddings and events. Peonies come in a wide variety of colors, including blushes and pinks, yellows, whites, and more. Choose from shades like Raspberry Sundae, a gorgeous blend of yellows and pinks, Festiva Maxima, a beautiful white flower with reds and pinks in the center, or the Kansas Red, a bold red bloom.

Alaska Peony Farms starts harvesting buds in the first half of July, and can provide peonies as late as the first of October! Each producing farm is independently owned, and follows strict production and quality standards to ensure the best quality blooms. Everything is shipped farm-direct with overnight priority, so you're guaranteed they will arrive in great condition!

Alaska Peony Farms communicates with customers every step of the way, from the order to inventory availability to post-delivery and everything in between! Every farm has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peony performance. If your blooms don't meet your expectations, they will immediately replace them or give you a refund!

Alaskan peonies have become incredibly popular over the years, and summertime demand world-wide now exceeds the statewide supply, so don't wait to get your order in for these stunning flowers!

Find out more about Alaska Peony Farms at www.alaskapeonyfarms.com!


Pretty Peonies from Alaska Peony Farms

June 2, 2022

Enjoy breathtaking blooms this summer from Alaska Peony Farms!

Wayne and Patti Floyd created Alaska Peony Farms as a way to connect small peony farms in Alaska with wholesalers, to meet demand for large orders. Not only can wholesalers place large orders with Alaska Peony Farms, they also ship retail orders! With the inventory from their local peony farms combined, customers can easily navigate the Alaska Peony Farms website, choose the number and type of peonies they'd like, and make a single payment rather than paying each farm individually.

The Floyds have been growing peonies since 2012, after Patti attended an Alaska Peony Growers Association Conference. Now, with the other farms under Alaska Peony Farms, they sell a variety of the beautiful flowers that are perfect for any occasion! One of their most popular varieties is the Pink Sarah Bernhard Princess, a vibrant pink bloom. The Raspberry Sundae is a stunning swirl of yellows, pinks, and white in a single flower, and the White Festiva Maxima is a large white peony with pink near its center.

Peonies are known for their full, large blooms that can range from 4-9 inches wide! Some farms are also offering a petite peony size of around 3-4 inches wide when fully open, giving customers a less expensive option for enjoying these beautiful flowers! Peonies from Alaska Peony Farms are available from July through late September, perfect for wedding season! They ship their flowers farm direct, which means they're chilled within minutes of cutting and packed and drop-shipped from the farm! They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of their flowers, giving refunds or replacing any orders that don't perform as expected.

Alaska Peony Farms prides itself on delivering peonies with brighter, more brilliant colors than anywhere else in the world. They credit the cool summers in Alaska and the 17 hours of usable sunlight each day during their growing season for their vibrant peonies! They're also one of the few places you can find peonies during the summer months, due to their unique summer conditions!

Customers can expect communication through their whole buying experience, from the initial order, to updates, and a post-delivery bud performance. Alaska Peony Farms offers next day delivery, and ship orders to the U.S., Canada, and internationally. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy these beautiful flowers within days of your order! If Alaska Peony Farms doesn't have the variety of peony you were looking for, they can use their network of other farms to ensure you get just what you're looking for. All of the farms in their network meet the same high-quality standards that they strive for every day!

Whether you're looking for a new variety of flower to introduce to your flower shop, or hope to brighten someone's day with a bouquet of peonies, Alaska Peony Farms is the place to go for the best peony selection. You can find what varieties of peony they offer, or even start your order on their website!



Find out more about Alaska Peony Farms at www.alaskapeonyfarms.com!

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