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Creative Display Center

Poinsettia Tree Racks, Racks w/LED Candles, Silk Poinsettia Plants.
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Creative Display Center offers:

  • Display Fixtures
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      • Fixture Wheels
      • Floral Dip Trays
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      • Pumpkin Rack
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      • Poinsettia Rack
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    • Trees
      • Pre-Lit

Put The "Wow" Into Your Space For The Holidays With A Poinsettia Tree Rack

January 3, 2017

Vendor Spotlight

For a truly breathtaking display during the holidays consider these gorgeous Poinsettia tree racks from Creative Display Center. You can display up to 375 plants on 15 tiers, bringing color, beauty, and height to any space. Alternate white and red poinsettias or display poinsettias in spiral stripes to add interest and candles for even more beauty. These are simply stunning displays.

Not only are they beautiful, but practical, too; they have taken much of the work out of it for you already. You need only a ratchet and a screwdriver to assemble the tree and some take as little as 20 minutes to put together. They even offer floor trays that go under the racks to catch most of the overflow water and keep your floors clean. Once finished with them, they can be put back in the original box for easy storage. Best of all, these racks are made of powder-coated steel right here in the U.S. To make your display portable, they offer affordable wheels for every size rack.

Live Poinsettia Display

The bigger tree racks are perfect for display in open areas, like malls, lobbies, church foyers, and entrance halls.

In all, there are 16 styles and sizes to choose from, including half tree styles and full round styles with heights ranging from 3 to 15 feet tall. These racks are so versatile, you don't even need to worry about the size poinsettias you got since you can put either 4", 6", or 8" size plants on the racks using the different size rings available.

They also offer silk poinsettia plants in red and white.

To brighten your display even further, Creative Displays now offers candles and candle holders specifically designed for their racks. They are battery-operated and will run for more than a month with no heat build-up. They are non-burn and cool to the touch.

These displays can easily be used year-round. Any plants can be used, they just need to fit into the rings. Fill the racks with spring flowers and lilies for Easter, or use a smaller rack for an herb garden.

They offer, too, a specialty steel tree rack to hold pumpkins, for the Fall season.

To put the "wow" into your space, get a poinsettia tree rack from Creative Display Center!


Display Your Poinsettias In Style With Creative Display Center

May 21, 2015

Half Round TreeThe poinsettia is one of the most recognizable and beautiful flowers in the world. Traditionally known as the Christmas flower, poinsettias make beautiful arrangements for any setting, whether it's at a wedding, church alter, or holiday season.

One of the most important parts of showcasing poinsettias is the display rack, and at Creative Display Center, you'll find the best display racks on the market!

Poinsettia Displays

These poinsettia displays are crafted to be gorgeous, dramatic, and unique. They're a great alternative to many of the evergreen displays that are found around the holiday season.

Fifteen models of their plant racks are available, including many different full round and half-round models, with each one providing its own unique flair.

Some of the features of the display racks include easy and inexpensive assembly, year round use, optional clip-on accessories, and a wide variety of sizes from 3.5' to 15'.

Beautiful Flowers

The company also specializes in beautiful silk replicas of poinsettia plants. Their potted silk poinsettias are made out of heavy, high-grade pongee fabric. They are made to resemble the live products sold in flowers shops, and are made with precise detail so they look true to nature.

Their silk flowers come in white and red colors, and are guaranteed to be vibrant and made with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

And the best part is, unlike live flowers, these poinsettias can be used year after year! Just re-box them at the end of the season, and them bring them back out when Christmas comes back around!

More Displays

Pumpkin TreeLooking for something for the warm days of fall? They have you covered there as well. With Creative Display’s pumpkin trees, your customers can show off their love for warm weather, hot cider, hayrides, and Halloween. They're available in half round and full round racks.

Creative Display Center provides choices for every display need, and your customers will never be disappointed with the quality and selection they provide!


Let Your Products Stand Out With Creative Display Center

March 21, 2011
Do you ever think beyond the product? Do you think about the look and attractiveness of that product and what draws customers towards it? You may have a great product on your hand, but it's not properly displayed. How about flowers? Yes, they are beautiful and can draw a customer in on their own. However, draw them in even more with Creative Display Center. This wonderful wholesale supplier offers beautiful flowers and display racks that will spruce up your store in no time!Floral Display Racks

Creative Display Center is a store selling quality display products for your business and even your customers. Manufacturing quality plant racks in multiple styles and sizes are made to be beautiful, functional and affordable.

Offering poinsettia display racks, pumpkin racks, pre-lit trees, silk poinsettias and great floral accessories. With 16 different styles and sizes, you're bound to find something that fits you, as well as your customers.

Each display center is easily put together and will look great! If you're planning for your fall and winter holidays, make sure you have their creative display centers to make your store more attractive. Set beautiful fresh flowers or even holiday gift baskets out on it!

The great thing about their display racks is it is shaped like an actual tree and you just place the poinsettias on it and you have an amazing display. Your customers will even be able to use this for decor in their home or if they are planning a special event, it will serve as wonderful decorations.

Are you worried about making a mess with this display center when watering your plants? No worries. Creative Display Center also offers special drip trays to place underneath the display.

Poinsettia DisplayYou'll even be able to add something extra to the tree, such as their tree candles. You'll also be able to feature beautiful silk poinsettias in your store with them. Your customers will love seeing all the floral supplies that you offer to them that are so fun and unique!

Offering you and your customers quality display racks, accessories and floral supplies is exactly what you'll receive from Creative Display Center. An amazing way to display your products, as well as the fact that your customers can use their smaller sizes in their home or as decor is a wonderful way to add life to a product or beautiful flowers. So, play up your products with these wonderful display centers!

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