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Daddy Sam's

The Oglesby family recipe! West Texas style BBQ, all natural, gluten free, kosher ~ Just Slop It On!
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Treat Your Taste Buds With Daddy Sam's BBQ Sauce

February 16, 2010
Natural never tasted so good! Daddy Sam's Inc. prepares BBQ sauce the natural way without artificial preservatives.

BBQ Sauce From Daddy Sam'sOf course, there are other barbecue sauces that can boast the same thing.  So why should you choose Daddy Sam's BBQ sauces and glazes? Is it because their products are dairy, soy, tree nut, peanut, cholesterol, crustacean and gluten free?  Maybe.

Try Daddy Sam's full flavored barbecue sauce and you will agree that taste  is the real reason.  Taste buds come alive with the sweet and tangy flavor of Daddy Sam's Original Bar-B-Que Sawce. Watch out for the sauces' finishing kick. This versatile sauce not only adds flavor, but a little surprise.

Want more spice in your life? Try the hot, full-bodied flavor of their Ginger Jalapeno Bar-B-Que Sawce. The unique combination of ginger and jalapeno creates a burst of deep heat in this awesome sauce. You'll be able to take any meat and kick it up a notch with this sauce.

Sauce isn't the only fantastic tasting gourmet treat from Daddy Sam's.  Their Salmon Glaze is a kosher delight with a harmonious blend of ginger and molasses. Seafood, salmon or shrimp are perfectly enhanced when baked, broiled or grilled using Daddy Sam's Salmon Glaze.

Gourmet food doesn't have to be caviar and champagne. A fabulous BBQ sauce paired with a lovely cut of meat can become a culinary delight. Products like Daddy Sam's bar-b-que sauces and glazes can take you from Down-Home to Fifth Avenue.

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Daddy Sambrosia
This is a huge crowd pleaser! Pour your favorite Daddy Sam's over cream cheese, brie, chevre. Garnish if you like and spread it on your favorite cracker, slice of bread, or celery. Just Slop It On!
Daddy Salmon
Our flagship recipe for Daddy Sam's Salmon & Seafood Glaze. Place your fish on tin foil skin side down, drizzle oil, capers, and rosemary (or your favorite garnish ingredients) and bake at 400° for 10 minutes. Take out of oven and brush on Daddy Sam's Salmon & Seafood Glaze and put back in the oven for ~5 more minutes until done. Take out an let rest for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!
Daddy Sam's Ginger Jalapeño Poppers
So good! Use your favorite Daddy Sam's Sawce but Daddy Sam's Ginger Jalapeño makes the zestiest poppers. Just Slop It On!

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