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Emerald Forest Tropical's

One Stop Shop
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Wholesale WebsiteTollfree: 305.247.1155Local: 305.242.1133More Information
25201 SW 189th Ave
Homestead, FL 33031

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Emerald Forest Tropical's offers:

  • Fresh Greens & Foliage
    • Direct Shippers
      • Palms
  • Green & Blooming Plants
    • Direct Shippers
      • Aloe Vera
      • Bonsai
      • Cactus
      • Orchids
      • Succulents
      • Tillandsias
    • Distributor - Wholesaler
      • African Violets
      • Anthuriums
      • Begonia
      • Bromeliads
      • Cactus
      • Carnivorous
      • Cyclamen
      • Dish Gardens
      • Ferns
      • Gardenia
      • Ivy
      • Lucky Bamboo
      • Mums
      • Orchids
      • Philodendron
      • Poinsettia
      • Pothos
      • Spathiphyllium - Peace Lily
      • Terrariums
      • Tillandsias
    • Growers
      • Grasses
      • Tillandsias (Air Plants)
      • Topiaries
  • Greenhouse & Nursery
    • Blooming Plants
      • Poinsettia
    • Decorative
      • Topiary Frames
    • House Plants
    • Perennials
      • Liriope
    • Trees

Product Preview

FGmarket's Weekly Pick: Emerald Forest Tropical's

December 13, 2023

Find premium wholesale plants and foliage with Emerald Forest Tropical's!

Emerald Forest Tropical's is a wholesale-only grower and distributer with thousands of varieties of plants and foliage. From traditional best-sellers to the newest in the industry, you'll find exactly what you're looking for with Emerald Forest.

With 28 years of experience, Emerald Forest Tropical's has provided a wide selection of quality indoor and outdoor plants for several industries, including florists, landscapers, garden centers, wholesalers, and more!

Find out more about Emerald Forest Tropical's in the video below or go to www.emeraldforesttropicals.com!


Vibrant Plant Selection From Emerald Forest Tropical's

May 23, 2023

Stock your store with premium plants and foliage from Emerald Forest Tropical's. 

What started as a passion for plants for owner June Pinto turned into growing foliage for others to enjoy! Now, the wholesale-only company provides over 250 varieties of blooming plants and foliage right from their farm in Florida. Emerald Forest Tropical's has over 25 years of experience working with plants, and has provided products for a variety of events, projects, and businesses.

Emerald Forest Tropical's has new, trending items added to their availability monthly. Your customers will love the selection of plants you stock with Emerald Forest Tropical's! The company ships year-round in temperature controlled trucks, so you know your products arrive healthy and fresh no matter where you're located. Emerald Forest Tropical's has a small order minimum for shipments, and distributes plants everywhere in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. They are also certified to ship to countries in the European Union.

With over 3,500 plants to choose from, Emerald Forest Tropical's has everything you're looking for! They carry both indoor and outdoor plants, and have the largest selection of tropical and blooming plants in south Florida. Some of their most popular products include mandevilla, palms, ferns, hibiscus, and philodendrons. Choose from several types of philodendron, like the bold painted lady or the melanochrysum. Stun your customers with a rare king anthurium or a silver leaf pothos. Emerald Forest Tropical's makes choosing your next product easy with excellent customer service. 

Emerald Forest Tropical's takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for its customers! Their website is easy to navigate, and updated monthly with a list of current plants. Plan ahead by looking through the blooming availability and holiday plant pages! The ordering experience is made simple, and you'll only have one order and one payment to keep track of. Retail Garden Centers, landscape designers, retail florists, and more enjoy the wide variety and excellent customer service they receive.

Stock your shop with products from Emerald Forest Tropical's today!

Find out more about Emerald Forest Tropical's at www.emeraldforesttropicals.com!


FGmarket's Weekly Pick: Emerald Forest Tropicals

September 28, 2022

Get premium quality tropical foliage and blooms at Emerald Forest Tropicals!

Emerald Forest Tropicals offers over 3550 varieties of tropical foliage and blooming plants. The wholesale-only company provides an extensive collection of both indoor and outdoor plants to florists, landscape designers, garden centers, wholesalers, and more. Check out Emerald Forest Tropicals for all your foliage needs!


Find out more about Emerald Forest Tropicals in the video below or at www.emeraldforesttropicals.com!



Emerald Forest Tropicals Makes Plant Shopping Easy

September 15, 2022

Turn your shop into a tropical oasis with Emerald Forest Tropicals!

With a special love for plants, June Pinto founded Emerald Forest Tropicals in 1994. She wanted a way to be involved with plants on a daily basis, and encourage other people to love them too! Using their 28 years of experience in foliage, they have grown to carry over 3,550 varieties of premium quality plants and participated in exclusive projects nationwide. With its competitive pricing and extensive collection, Emerald Forest Tropicals puts its customers' needs first.

Emerald Forest Tropicals strives to be a one-stop shop for its customers. Their goal is to simplify the ordering process and get you what you need—fast! With everything in one spot, you are sure to get their amazing quality plants exactly when you need them. They offer shipping year-round in their temperature-controlled trucks, so no matter the season or where you are, you're sure to get the best quality plants every time. Not located in the United States? No problem! They are certified to ship to European Union countries, and even send plants to Canada and the Caribbean Islands.

You can find the largest selection of tropical and blooming plants at Emerald Forest Tropicals. Not only are they a wholesale company, but they grow a large selection of their own products as well! You can browse their premium foliage collection on their website to see all of the unique items they have to offer. From your bread and butter plants to the newest in the industry, they pride themselves on offering the most extensive varieties of foliage. You can expect to find many varieties of even the most common plants like their Philodendrons!

If you're looking for more exotic varieties, look no further. Emerald Forest Tropicals carries a large range of plants! Some popular varieties include Hoya, Ficus Lyrata, Carnivorous, Cactus, Succulents, and more. Check out their monthly availability list to see what's new in store! They update their list regularly to add new varieties and keep their stock fresh. You'll want to make sure you stay up-to-date on their restocks!

Whether you are a garden center, landscape designer, or retail florist, you can fill all your plant needs with Emerald Forest Tropicals. They strive to be your number one pick for premium wholesale foliage with quality customer service and beautiful, healthy plants. Check them out to see how you can enhance your plant offerings today!

Find out more about Emerald Forest Tropicals at emeraldforesttropicals.com!

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