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Flot-Aire Floral Refrigerators

Americas #1 Leader in Custom Refrigeration! Call 573-247-3715 or 573-247-1685
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Flot-Aire Refrigeration Systems Keep Flowers Cool and Fresh All Year

March 24, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

If you're a florist, one of the most important things to have is a proper refrigeration system for your beautiful floral arrangements!

At Flot-Aire, they make floral refrigeration systems that are guaranteed to keep florists' precious products well hydrated, cool, and gorgeous!


The idea for a refrigeration system for flowers came about way back in 1927 when 20-year-old Karl Lauer migrated to the U.S. from Germany. He brought with him master's papers in coppersmith and sheet metal fabrication, which helped him design his "pancake refrigeration system." This was a small and compact system used in the commonly utilized wall-hanging pie cases found in the restaurant industry.

Later, in 1947, Lauer founded Karl's Equipment Co. in Los Angeles, and then sold the company to Pacific Refrigerator Mfg Company, where he also worked for many years. It was here that he came up with the design for his Flot-Aire coolers! The Flot-Aire company was founded in 1962, and currently operates out of Rolla, Missouri.

Amazing Products

Flot-Aire offers the best floral refrigeration systems in the business. Their coolers are built with sliding and swinging glass doors, that provide high-capacity refrigeration systems for super fast cooling, even in extremely hot weather.

No one likes to buy flowers that have been damaged due to being improperly handled, or placed in an environment with temperatures that are too extreme for them. People want to buy fresh flowers that will last days, not hours. That's why the reach-in coolers are so great!

These awesome reach-in coolers come packed with features, and are completely self-contained, meaning all you have to do is plug them in and they're ready to be used!

They feature vertical fluorescent lamps that are switch-controlled and adjustable wire shelving for safe and easy product loading and removal. The Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors are also self-closing, preventing cold air from accidentally escaping if a door is mistakenly left open.

But if you need more space for your wonderful floral arrangements, Flot-Aire also makes a display walk-in cooler combo, that's perfect for keeping a lot of plants fresh at once, while also functioning as an attractive display case.

These walk-in coolers feature a single compressor to do the job, keeping everything inside cool while reducing noise and heat generation. And the best part? These walk-in coolers can be custom-made to fit any size and need!

Flot-Aire doesn't just make great refrigeration systems; they make the BEST refrigeration systems. They'll keep your flowers cool throughout the blazing summer, and all year round!


Keep Your Flowers Fresh With Flot-Aire Floral Refrigerators

May 7, 2012
Having the right accessories and products in your store is essential to help it run smoothly. Of course, having the right products is a must as well. However, you want to run a smooth and efficient business for your customers. No matter what type of store you own, floral shop, gift shop or whatever else, you always needs the right tools. If you're a florist, you want the right supplies, floral accessories and flowers. When it comes to finding the right floral refrigerator, choose Flot-Aire Floral Refrigerators.

Floral RefrigeratorWhether you are needing display or storage, every job is treated at their best work. They are a four generation, family owned and operated business. Their friendly and skilled staff love working with their customers to exceed all their expectations.

You'll find that they truly want to keep your fresh flowers fresh and your store running smooth and efficiently so you can go above and beyond for your own customers.

You'll find that Flot-Aire Floral Refrigerators offers a variety to choose from. Whether you are needing a sliding door floral cooler, open air access flower coolers, countertop coolers or swinging full length door coolers, they offer quality floral refrigerators that will be a necessity in your store. You want to display your fresh flowers in a proper way, yet in something that is stylish to attract your customers.

These refrigerators will definitely do the trick. Keep your flowers truly fresh with these refrigerators that you can always rely on. Whether you are wanting extra storage in the back or wanting to display flowers in the front of your store for your customers, they offer wonderful refrigerators that come in various styles so you can find the one that is ideal for your store.

If you're looking for quality refrigerators that will keep your flowers amazingly fresh, choose Flot-Aire Floral Refrigerators. Their quality coolers will keep your gorgeous fresh flowers lasting and keep them displayed in a proper manner.

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