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Forked Up Art

Unique & Functional Figurines, Artwork & More!
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425 South 400 West Unit 2C
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Mobile: 801.889.9713
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Forked Up Art offers:

  • Artisans
    • Wood
      • Pen
  • Books, Music & Electronics
    • iPhone Holder
  • Cards & Stationery
    • Pens - Pencils
  • Garden & Patio
    • Garden Decor
      • Animal Garden Decor
      • Bird Garden Decor
      • Bug Garden Decor
      • Fish Garden Decor
      • Garden Angels
      • Garden Cherubs
      • Garden Miniatures
      • Garden Mobiles
      • Garden Ornaments
      • Garden Stakes
      • Hanging Silhouettes
      • Holiday Garden
      • Whirly Birds
      • Wind Spinners
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Outdoor Living
    • Windmills
  • Home Accents
    • Artwork
      • Animal Art
      • Nature
      • Paintings
      • Prints
      • Sculpture
    • Handmade
      • Sculpture
    • Kitchen
    • Made in the USA
    • Office
      • Desk
    • Sculpture - Statues
    • Sports
      • Baseball
      • Fishing
      • Golf
  • Housewares
    • Bathroom
      • Soap Dish
      • Toothbrush Holder
    • Kitchen
      • Barware - Bar Accessories
      • Baskets
      • Bowls
      • Catering
      • Condiment Caddy
      • Dispensers
      • Display Rack
      • Knives - Cutlery
      • Napkin Holder
      • Napkin Rings
      • Reuseables
      • Salt & Pepper Shakers
      • Servers
      • Serving Utensils
      • Silverware - Flatware
      • Soap Dish
      • Spoon / Fork Spork
      • Spoon Rests
      • Utensils
    • Living Room - Den
      • Remote Stand
    • Made in the USA
  • Jewelry
    • Display Fixtures
      • Jewelry Displays
      • Ring & Bracelet Holders
    • Jewelry Holders
  • Novelty
    • Decorative Accessories
      • Eye Glass Holder
      • Sculpture
    • Kitchen
      • Napkin Holder
      • Salt & Pepper Shakers
      • Toothpick Holders
    • Made in the USA
    • Office Supplies
    • Sports
      • Baseball
      • Figurines
      • Golf Balls
      • Hunting
      • Soccer
      • Softball
  • Table Top
    • Barware
      • Glasses
    • Catering - Banquet
      • Buffet Accessories
    • Decorations
    • Made in the USA
    • Napkins
      • Napkin Holders
    • Serving Pieces
      • Candy Dishes
      • Servers
      • Spoons
  • Wedding Supplies
    • Catering - Banquet

Everyday Flatware, Forked Up Designs

July 5, 2018

In 2010, Judson Jennings decided to take a chance on a "forked up concept" and created his first figurine made from flatware. From there his creativity has flourished into countless designs with numerous purposes. With figurines designed to do everything from holding the salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen table to holding your toothbrush in the bathroom, there is a figurine from Forked Up Art that you need in your life.

Think Outside the Drawer!

For many years flatware has been restrained to merely being in your kitchen drawer until it is time for dinner, but today Forked Up Art is giving these average forks a whole new life! They've turned these regular forks and spoons into a variety of unique kitchen accessories. Pick your favorite salt and pepper caddie, and don't forget his partner in crime; the napkin holder. My favorite piece by Forked Up Art is the wine bottle holder and matching "fork cork." This flatware duo is perfect for sending as a wedding shower gift, housewarming gift, or a birthday present for your favorite girlfriend! Add some decoration to the room while giving your kitchen utensils a new home with Forked Up's utensil holder. Made of 100% stainless steel, it is perfect to sit by your stove and being dishwasher safe makes it's easy to clean!

Fork Up Your Office Space!

Take your fork to work for more than just your lunch with the Forked Up Business Card Holder! This business card holder is like none before it, standing a foot tall your fork man or spoon man is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who steps foot in your office. Don't forget the matching pen holder to complete your new collection of flatware figurines!

Free Your Forks!

Still think the kitchen is the place for your flatware? Think again! Forked up Art has re-purposed forks and spoons into stunning and unique decorative figurines for all over your humble abode! My favorite is their flamingo! It is perfect for your garden or inside your home. For those without a green thumb, they've got a plethora of floral figurines for your yard. Their Flower Crab is another unique design; a flower pot holder in the shape of a crab is perfect for your front porch or inside your home!

Forked Up Art has given flatware a whole new life! They have turned ordinary forks and spoons into a vast assortment of figurines for all around your home and office. Business card holders, animal figurines, salt and pepper shaker holders, and much more.


Art That Is Totally Forked Up

October 25, 2016

We can describe it, but it really has to be seen to be believed. These products are clever, whimsical, artistic, and, dare we say it again, they are just so very clever!

Forked Up Art makes gadgets out of 100 percent stainless steel forks and spoons they get from restaurant surplus stores. The utensils are broken down and bent with plasma cutters, saws, and plain, old-fashioned force. The welders then graft the parts into, for example, a humanoid stand for salt and pepper shakers, a cookbook (which looks like a man on his knees holding your book), a business card holder where a finger points to your business card, a lobster, a man poised to launch a bow from an arrow, and several other just as clever creations. They have a section for your garden, too. We particularly love the Cleopatra flower with spoons for the flower part and bent forks for the stem. Their best sellers are things that have a function, like the salt-and-pepper stands, coat racks, and fruit bowls.


They have a section for your garden, too. We particularly love the Cleopatra flower with spoons for the flower part and bent forks for the stem. Their best sellers are things that have a function, like the salt-and-pepper stands, coat racks, and fruit bowls.

No matter your hobby or interest, they have that perfect something that no one else will have, whether you are an athlete (they offer a runner, tennis player, weight lifter, and others), a musician (check out their super cool piano and sax), or a cook (see recipe holder and cookbook stand). They even have a figure that is down on one knee (*ring not included). And as if all of that weren't enough, they can also add color and custom create something just for you. Forked Up Art began in 2010 in Judson Jennings's mother-in-law's garage. He started making these quirky creations which quickly took off, taking this company to 1,500 retail accounts in the U.S. and in five other countries. They are part sculpture, part science, and all art.

Salt and Pepper Stand - Spoon

But that's not the only thing you can get at Forked Up. They also sell one-of-a-kind pens, and they are quite literally one-of-a-kind. Unless it is a custom order, no duplicates are ever made. They are produced in the United States with the finest mechanical devices, woods, and acrylics in the world. They are created by Raymond Kartchner, who was born in a log cabin in Utah and spent his life teaching. He took a woodcarving class, and, as they say, the rest is history. "The wood has become my partner in creating a piece of art as I discover and experiment with the beauty it contains."

The company also sells gorgeous scenes in watercolor, mostly of the West, though a few are of houses tucked away in the snow. They are available in 16 x 20 and 20 x 33 sizes.

For clever and artistic products that you will spend a lot of time looking at while thinking "no way!" you really need to check out Forked Up Art!


Forked Up Art, LLC. Will Make Your Customers Smile

February 10, 2011
Adding a unique piece of art to anyone's home can make it truly stand out. It adds individuality to it. So, you want to offer your customers some individuality in your store that they'll find nowhere else. Well, provide just that with Forked Up Art, LLC. This wholesale supplier features fun creations that are made out of forks! Doesn't that sound interesting? You'll be able to provide your customers with statement pieces that will be ideal in any part of the home.

Fun Kitchen Accents

Make A Statement With Your Home Accents

Forked Up Art, LLC. strives to bring unique items that will be a huge hit in your store. They want you to truly stand out with your products, and you'll do exactly that with their unique art. With them, you'll be able to feature great home accents that will fit in any part of the house. Each item is made with a skillful eye, quality products, and true creativeness, so you'll end up with a outstanding design.

Let kitchens make statements with their fun designs. Their art features a fork and spoons intertwined together to make something truly unique. A fork standing up, with the fork part as the head and spoons as the feet holding salt and pepper shakers would be great for the kitchen.

In search of a housewarming gift for a guy, their fun fork holding a whisk as a baseball bat would be great! They even feature recipe stands, utensil holders, napkin holders, toothpick holders, glass holders, and scrubby holders that would be truly ideal for the kitchen.

If your customers aren't much into spending time in the kitchen, let them display these art pieces in their office, bathroom, or living room. Place it in the office so it serves as a functional and decorative piece. A fork holding your phone, business card, pencils, or your keys would be a fun accent to liven up the office setting.

Place their creative artwork in your living room as well. A fork to hold your customers flowers or drink would make great home decor. If your customers love golfing, dancing, music, or skiing; they have designs for them all. Fork holding two forks as ski poles is such a fun design to place in any home. Your customers will love giving these as gifts and placing them in their homes too!

Unique Home AccentsForked Up Art, LLC. even offers a proposal fork. Do you have customers who are proposing soon? Do they have a fun and quirky sense of style? Let them propose with this fork design! A spoon or fork down on one knee holding the ring would be a cute way to propose. It would really be something unique!

A Great Addition To Any Home

Not only will these forks and spoon designs make great home accents, they'll be great as a gift! Customers are always trying to find something creative to give as gifts, well why not give Forked Up Art, LLC. as a gift. They're so fun and quirky, that everyone will love them. Give them as a separate gift or give them as part as a gift basket. Imagine a beautiful basket filled with gourmet food and creative art to make it stand out. This piece of art will have your store being the place to stop for any gift items.

When you're in search of products that will make your store truly stand out; choose Forked Up Art, LLC. They offer a a variety of home accents and gifts that will make any customer smile. They'll enjoy these refreshing home accents to make their homes stand out.

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