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Hang-Ups Unlimited

Sign & Display Hanging Systems & Hardware
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1904 14th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Fax: 949.474.3755

Hang-Ups Unlimited offers:

  • Business & Technology Services
    • Advertising & Printing
      • Signage
    • Hardware & Fixtures
      • Sidewalk Signs
    • Retail & Business Supplies
  • Display Fixtures
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Hang Up Signs With Ease Thanks to Hang-Ups Unlimited

March 26, 2015
T-Bar HookSo you've recently purchased a beautiful screen printed sign for your brand new business. You have the perfect place to display it in your store so customers will see it, and it's ready to go up. But how in the world are you going to hang it up? Nails and screws are too much work, and,  you're not really handy with a hammer anyway.

That's where Hang-Ups Unlimited comes in. Since 1962, they've been helping store owners hang up their signs, display advertising on their windows, and bring in customers from the streets with simple, but elegantly designed sidewalk signs.

Hooks and Clips

There are so many different types of hooks and clips out there for hanging up signs in your business. Luckily, Hang-Ups unlimited carries all of them!

T-bar clips are easy and cost efficient little devices that help hang all of your signs, from temporary and permanent graphics, to seasonal decorations. These clips attach to ceiling t-bars, and are very easy to install. Just pinch the sides of the clips and fasten them to your t-bar, and you've got a low cost, strong hanger for your sign!

T-bar hooks and t-bar eye hooks are also available for t-bar displays, and provide excellent connections to light chains, and loop-end cables and hooks. These handy tools eliminate completely the need for an "S" hook.

Bring Customers in With Sidewalk Signs

What's more important than hanging your displays and advertisements inside your store? Persuading customers to actually come inside your store, of course! What's the point of having excellent signs if no one comes into your store to see them?Sidewalk Sign

Hang-Ups outdoor sidewalk and window signs make advertising to customers simple and efficient. They offer three different types of Sidewalk Swinger signs, and a variety of custom color options. All of their sidewalk signs are 24" x 36" and are the perfect size for grabbing potential customers' attentions when they're walking down the street.

Their Sidewalk Swinger options include the original Swinger, which allows you to display your own graphics; the Swinger Message Board, which provides seven message tracks and 314 four-inch letters, numbers, and symbols to customize your message; and the Write-On/Wipe-Off Swinger, which comes with four wet erase markers and a white board for writing custom messages, or drawing fun illustrations!

The Springer Sidewalk Sign, a 24" x 36" stand up sign on two poles, is also available. And if you're looking for mobile advertising, the car top signs are the perfect tool. The 12.5" x 32" sign face can sit on top of a car or SUV safely, thanks to the soft feet and security straps included with the sign.

Advertising your business is a big part of being successful, and Hang-Ups Unlimited can make that task a little easier, with their sturdy clips, hooks, and sidewalk signs!

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