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Good Natured Brand™

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Product Preview

Go All-Natural with Good Natured Brand

September 5, 2019

When a mother of three became concerned about exposing her children and pets to the chemicals in household cleaning supplies, bug spray, and skin moisturizer she took charge and created her own non-toxic products. Now, Good Natured Brand helps others go truly natural as their products contain no harsh chemicals yet are highly rated, effective, and offer wonderful fresh scents like lavender, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and pine.

Clean Home, Clean Ingredients, Clean Life!

Good Natured Brand keeps homes clean without artificial fragrances, petroleum, or other toxic ingredients. The products were first sold at farmers' markets, quickly gained popularity through word of mouth, and are now sold in both traditional and natural grocery chains as well as independents.

Their cleaning products have a unique, differential advantage of being tested by the independent company Green Seal and then rated on the highest, green tier of Whole Foods' Eco-Scale. This is a unique distinction that many competitors can't claim.

The company offers two scents of Laundry Soda/Detergents, lavender and rosemary, and each highly-concentrated bag covers 48 loads and comes with a handy scoop. In addition to the wonderful fresh scents, their blend of plant-based soaps provide antibacterial qualities and get clothes clean and soft. Those with sensitive noses will also love their fragrance-free bag! All three of their amazing detergents are hypoallergenic, won't leave behind any residue, and are compatible with high-efficiency washers and safe for wells.

Their Saving Grace Carpet and Upholstery Deodorizer is a favorite of families with kids and pets. The powder is extremely easy to use—just sprinkle on carpets, area rugs, pet beds, couches, and even car seats, let sit for 10 minutes, and then vacuum it up. The natural eucalyptus and lemon create an antibacterial force that absorbs odors and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.

Keep all surfaces of everything in your house clean with their lemon or lavender Surface Cleaners. Great for counters, appliances, floors, walls, bathrooms, toys, tables, chairs, car interiors, etc., they smell lovely and make cleaning fun! Not only are they highly effective at getting rid of all spills and grime, but they smell amazing and their antibacterial qualities are safe for kids and pets.

The attractive Room & Linen Sprays come in lavender, lemongrass, and pine and are great for spraying in rooms and on pillows, sheets, towels or in the car. You'll enjoy the fresh scents without inhaling harmful chemicals, and their natural aromatherapy provides a soothing calm. Keep a bottle in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen so a clean scent is never out of reach!

When venturing out of the house, make sure you have the Bug Spray which is child and pet safe and rated in the top 3 of the top 10 national natural brands. This DEET-free unique blend of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, and cedar repels ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and other biting insects, and comes in an 8-ounce cobalt blue bottle and is safe for the environment.

You'll also love the super-hydrating Bee Calm Balm Body Stick. This solid-form lotion has a twist-up applicator and can be rubbed on the body without getting hands messy. It combines the ingredients of beeswax, vitamin E and coconut oil to naturally moisturize the skin and is great for diaper rash, all dry skin areas, and bumps and scrapes for all ages. This handy body stick can easily be taken anywhere and used for any purpose!

Keep your family and pets safe and your home fresh and clean without worrying about harmful, toxic ingredients or harming the environment.

Love the Good Natured Brand motto of Clean Home, Clean Ingredients, Clean Life!

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LOVE these products
posted by
I first found this product line when I was living in Maine - it was available in the grocery stores, Now I live in South Carolina and get it from Amazon. The products are so fresh smelling and do a great job. I use both the spray cleaner, the laundry detergent and the air freshener. I use the spray cleaner everywhere and for everything. LOVE these products.
Highly Recommend
posted by
Great Product! Love the smell and is an effective cleaner! I would highly recommend it!
Great All Natural deodorizer - make sure to let it sit
posted by
Finally an All Natural carpet deodorizer, so I don’t have to worry about my children and pets playing on it. Love the smell, very pleasant and not overpowering.

Some reviews mentioned that they could not smell it after vacuuming up the powder. I found that the trick is to sprinkle it and let it stay on the carpet for a little bit. Instructions say 5 minutes, but I suggest 10-15 minutes for best results

Not only my carpet smells great after it, but my vacuum does as well. I had a constant odor problem with my vacuum filter, and had to replace them every few months. Now, the musty filter smell is gone and I could use the same filter for a lot longer.

I’ll definitely be back for more
Smells Heavenly!!
posted by
I have a small daycare in my house along with pets so I am always looking for a good deodorizer. In the past I have used glade brand but I wanted something a little cleaner for pets and children. I also always felt sick after using the glade brand! The smell is very fragrant (even before I opened the bag). Smells amazing but not in an overpowering way as I felt with other products in the past. The vacuum easily picked it up. I will definitely be using this product from now on! I have already recommended to family and friends.
Works great, smells wonderful, is eco friendly!
posted by
I’ve purchased this a few times now and really love the product! The scent is very strong in the bag but faint on clothes after washing, which is perfect for me. No fake or chemical-smelling ingredients. It’s worked great in our energy efficient front loader without clumping or leaving residue. It seems to clean well and remove any dirt and stains. Highly recommended!
Loving this product
posted by
Like the glide on concept. It feels good on my sensitive skin. I have tried your laundry powder, vacuum dusting powder, room spray and now this. They naturally smell great and work very well for me. After a year of misery with hives, rash and facial swelling I was patch tested and found that I am highly allergic to the toxic chemical Methylisothiazolinone or MI. MI is in more products than you now, especially in the US. It is a biocide/chemical preservative. Currently on my way to recovery which is primarily avoidance. I am always on the hunt for MI free products. Thank you for making them. I live in Maine too!
The Cure to Dry Skin
posted by
HOLY MOLY. I've been looking to an alternative to eczema honey brand because honestly they're expensive and they don't have free shipping unless you drop a lot.. The bee calm balm lotion stick is awesome. I put it on and then after I add a water based lotion I own that usually helps me stay moisturized. The combined two are amazing for my hands.

The only odd thing is that it comes in a stick that looks exactly like a deodorant stick so it just looks a little funny putting in on in public but if it means my hands won't get itchy and break out, by all means who cares what others think!
Laundry detergent
posted by
One of the most pure, natural laundry detergents on the market. We own a gym and come home sweaty, with soiled gym clothes a few days a week. We've been using Good Natured Brand for almost 6 months and have yet to find a load of wash it couldn't handle.
Great products
posted by
I am a mom of 2 kids under the age of 4 and we have two labradors as well. I'm going to be a consistent customer because we're loving the carpet powder and the detergent. I love the products and the vision and it's in line with my core values as well!
Love your bug spray!
posted by
Your natural bug spray actually works! I'm always getting bitten while working in the flower gardens. The combination of lemongrass, rosemary, cedar & citronella essential oils are effective and provide a much more pleasant scent than the chemical sprays!
posted by
I just LOVE your products. I'm especially hooked on the laundry detergent, it smells SO good! And it really cleans, unlike some all-natural powders. Great job on that! But the lotion stick is really cool, too....just love it all!
Best natural moisturizer
posted by
Your Bee Calm Balm body stick is the real deal! It helps so much with dry feet and hands and is the perfect antidote to all the pool chlorine I'm exposed to from swimming several times a week. Literally my nightly routine. Love it!
Not only all-natural, but fresh and effective
posted by
I absolutely love your logo and packaging - so fresh and clean visually, and the scents are amazing! My family loves the lavender laundry soda and I find myself cleaning more than ever because the lemon scent of your surface cleaner is so fresh and it cleans everything REALLY well! We also love the carpet deodorizer. Thanks for making products that don't exposing my kids and pets to chemicals :)
Better than flowers!
posted by
I bought one of everything to take to my Mom. Some daughters bring flowers, I bring the best cleaning supplies!
Carpet Deodorizer
posted by
Just got the carpet & upholstery deodorizer today and tried it out. Smells very nice and after letting it sit for about 10 minutes, then vacuuming it up, my rug smells great. We’ll be back for more products for sure.

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