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Needak® Manufacturing

Easy, Affordable, Portable, and Heart Healthy Modern Exercise!
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Product Preview

Needak Manufacturing Helps People Of All Ages Get Healthy And Active

May 10, 2018

The Needak Rebounder is the ideal solution for people interested in exercise and health: it is the only equipment you need, it is made of quality construction right here in the USA, it is affordable and portable, it's easy to learn and easy to use, and it provides efficient low impact exercise. Not to mention, it's great for all ages and fitness levels.

Listen to what Dr. R. P. has to say about it: "Rebounding exercise is the best exercise in the world! Now that I've tried rebounding, I have progressed more in 2-3 months than in 3 years on the Nordic Track. My primary exercise, and the one I now recommend to my patients, especially for upper body shaping and toning, overall cell exercise and health, and just plain fun, will now be the rebounder."

Couple the rebounder with their DVDs on rebounding and you have an efficient, inexpensive workout program you can do for minutes a day. This simple device can bring fantastic results.

Needak was founded in 1990 by Robert and Barbara Sanders. They were in partnership with another name in rebounding and saw the decline in quality over the years until they were replacing more products than they were selling.

The couple wanted to overcome that problem and create a quality product that was manufactured in the US. Robert was convinced that this exercise equipment was critical to the health and fitness of an increasingly sedentary population. As a result, he wanted to make the best rebounder in the world. They also offer replacement parts and stabilizing bars, ensuring that you can bounce for years to come.

In addition to rebounders, Needak also sells Johnson tree stands. They offer a universal tree stand bow rest that fits all stands and holds all bows, mounting brackets, climbing belts, and even tree stand safety DVDs.

They offer several books on bouncing, cellular health, and cancer.

If you want to help your clients find a great, and fun way to exercise, try Needak Manufacturing and their Rebounders!

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