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Great Scot International, Inc

Scottish Food Products, Textiles, Fashion, Fabric & More
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8041 Arrowridge Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273
Fax: 704.973.9735

Great Scot International, Inc offers:

  • Candies & Confections
    • Caramels - Chews
      • Specialty
    • Fudge
      • Specialty Fudge
      • Vanilla Fudge
    • Toffee
  • Fashion
    • Childrens Clothing
    • Fashion Accessories
      • Scarves - Stoles
      • Shawls - Wraps
      • Ties
    • Fashion Styles - Themes
    • Hats - Caps
    • Mens Clothing
    • Womens Clothing
      • Vests
  • Gourmet Foods
    • Beef
      • Sausage
    • Beverages
      • Soft Drink
    • Chips
    • Cookies
      • Oatmeal Raisin
      • Shortbread Cookies
      • Specialty Cookies
    • Ethnic Foods
      • Scottish
    • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
    • International Cuisine
      • Scottish
    • Marmalades - Preserves
    • Snack Foods
      • Potato Crisps
    • Teas
      • Scottish Teas
      • Specialty
  • Holiday & Special Occasion
    • Memorial Day
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Food
    • Mothers Day
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Food
    • New Baby
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
    • New Home
      • Housewarming Gift
    • Retirement
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Food
    • Secretaries Week
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Food
    • St Patricks Day
      • Gift Sets - Baskets - Boxes
      • Gourmet Food
    • Teacher Appreciation
    • Thanksgiving
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Foods
    • Valentines Day
      • Fashion
      • Gift Sets - Baskets - Boxes
      • Gourmet Foods
    • Wedding
      • Fashion
      • Gift Baskets - Boxes - Sets
      • Gourmet Foods
  • Home Textiles
    • Bedding
      • Blankets
    • Fabric
    • Kitchen
      • Tea Towels
  • Novelty
    • Licensed Products
      • Jack Daniels
  • Ribbon
    • Plaid - Checked
    • Tartan

Product Preview

FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Great Scot International

April 7, 2021

Enjoy specialty food, beverages, and more imported directly from Scotland with Great Scot International! Since 1997 Great Scot International has brought traditional Scottish heritage to America. From food to giftware to textiles, you can serve your customers an experience they won't be able to find anywhere else in the United States.

Great Scot International functions as the sole importer of Scotland's national drink—A G. Barr Irn-Bru. This fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink is made with real cane sugar and is a wildly popular beverage across the UK! Looking to bring your customers even more Scottish flavors? Great Scot International also brings its customers Scottish teas, shortbread, fudge, oatcakes, and so much more.

Give your customers over 500 authentic woven tartan plaids to choose from. Great Scot International has also been the sole distributor for Ingles Buchan, a well-established traditional Scottish family firm, since 2005. These stunning tartan spring-weight plaids can be made into a wide range of apparel for men, women, and children. Whether you're looking to make a traditional kilt or a stunning shawl, these plaids bring the feeling of authentic Scottish culture to any outfit. No matter if you're looking for food, drinks, or apparel, Great Scot International is a reliable source for all of your authentic Scottish needs.

Find out more about Great Scot International in the video below or at www.greatscotintl.com!



Authentic Scottish Style and Taste with Great Scot International

September 1, 2014

Are your customers lovers of Scottish heritage? Perhaps they are even of Scottish heritage. Or maybe they are just fond of good food, good clothes and trying things they can't always find in the USA. Whichever way it goes, they and you will love the items available at Great Scot International!

A Taste of the High Country

Founded and incorporated in 1997 by a native born Scot, this company was born and is still based in Charlotte, NC. And they don't just offer a supply of Scottish food products and unique gift-ware, they also weave and supply tartan plaid fabrics and merchandise using worsted wool and non-wool fabrics!

Think your customers might like some Scottish specialty foods? You'll find a variety of quality heated beverages including Brodies Scottish Teas and Edinburgh Tea and Coffee. You'll also discover the delightful flavors of Border Biscuits of Scotland, Shorbread House of Edinburgh and Nairn's Oatcakes. They carry traditional Scottish haggis from Caledonian Kitchen, delicious food made with the original recipes of Mrs. Bridges, and mouth-watering potato crisps from Mackies of Scotland.

They are also the exclusive US carriers of Barr soft drinks including the famous IRN-BRU soda!

Authentic Style

But food and drink isn't all there is on offer. Since August 2005 Great Scot is the sole US distributor for Ingles Buchan, an established family firm with roots in the long tradition of weaving tartan spring weight plaids which are made into a wide range of apparel for men, women and children!

With over 500 tartans available, you can find the perfect fit for any type of clothing. Looking for neckties, bow ties, cummerbunds or vests for men? How about scarves, sashes, stoles, shawls or vests for women? They even carry head wear such as Scottish tammys, golf caps, glengarries and lomond-style hats. And if your customers are looking for even MORE variety, you can get 60 plaids in most of these same designs made from silk!

And don't miss out on the fantastic woolen blankets. They are luxuriously over-sized at 56 X 78 inches with purled edges!

So if your customers are looking for the best in authentic Scottish foods, gifts and apparel, check out Great Scot International!

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Great Scot this Candy is Awesome!
posted by
Soooo sooo good!! love the honey and Jack <3

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