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Inner Light Resources For Life

Vivid Rainbow Charts, Cards: Health, Educational, Gift- Massage, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Chakra, Reflexology
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Inner Light Resources For Life offers:

  • Books, Music & Electronics
    • Books
      • Educational Books
      • Health Books
      • Motivational
      • Self-Help
    • How To Guides - Manuals
  • Cards & Stationery
    • Greeting Cards
    • Motivational Card Decks
  • Education
    • Educational Books
      • Educational Health Books
    • Educational Classes
    • Educational Display
    • Teaching Supplies
  • Inspirational
    • Cards & Stationery
      • Wallet Cards
    • Personal Care Products
    • Versed Products
      • Daily Devotion Books
      • Devotional Pages
      • Motivational Booklets
      • Motivational Cards
      • Signs
  • Personal Care Products
    • Aromatherapy
      • Oils
    • Health
      • Alternate Healing
      • Arthritis
      • Chakra
      • Energy
      • Energy Healing
      • Heart
      • Holistic
      • Immune System
      • Inflammation
      • Joints
      • Mental
      • Metaphysical
      • Migraine Relief
      • Muscles - Relaxation
      • New Age
      • Pain Relief
      • PMS
      • Sleep
      • Stress Relief
      • Weight Control
    • Oils
      • Essential Oils
    • Spa

Connect with a Higher Consciousness with Inner Light Resources

April 15, 2021

Tap into your inner consciousness and promote self-help with Inner Light Resources! Inner Light Resources offers various guides to health and higher consciousness to provide natural health alternatives to everyone. The natural and holistic remedies are comprised through in-depth and continuous research to allow consumers to find inner peace with ease. Explore their various options of professional charts, cards, seminars, and more to begin leading a more healthy and love-filled lifestyle.

Products from Inner Light Resources are incredible tools for massage schools, healing practitioners, aromatherapists, or anyone looking for spiritual self-guidance. Learn about the mind-body connection through the Chakra Chart. Highlighting correlations between physical and mental health, this chart offers information on finding balance from within. Continue to grow your knowledge with their various charts, such as their aromatherapy and essential oils remedies charts. Great for overcoming stress, colds, anxiety, and more.

Each product from Inner Light Resources is designed with consistency and is color-coded by the chakras on many subjects. Internationally used as teaching tools, each product has much to offer for body, mind, and spirit. These unique and colorful gifts offer subjects for reflexology, Feng Shui, Essential Oils, and much more!

Inner Light Resources offers its knowledge to anyone who seeks it. Looking to help uplift the world together, they work with many like-minded people and welcome all their customers’ ideas and feedback. They create their products to include the thorough information needed by professionals but compose it in an easy-to-use way so that anyone can learn with ease. Inner Light Resources is available for both retail and wholesale and looks to bring light into the businesses they work with. Start your journey to self-help and open your mind with the help of Inner Light Resources today.

Find out more about Inner Light Resources at www.innerlightresources.com!



FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Inner Light Resources

May 8, 2019

Enjoy the inspirational self-help tools for natural health alternatives and higher consciousness from Inner Light Resources.

Inner Light Resources believes that everyone should have accessibility to natural health alternatives, higher consciousness, and self-help tools. Their continuous research into this field of study has allowed them to offer affordable, easy to use guides for consumers. Committed to providing well-researched, professional charts, cards, and other tools and seminars to help the everyday person lead a healthy lifestyle.

You can find a variety of products such as educational and inspirational charts, wallet cards, posters, and more. Not only does Inner Light sell merchandise, but they also publish their work. They touch on topics concerning alternative health, emotional healing and recovery, metaphysical and spiritual subjects, and several others. Every topic is accurately researched and easy to interpret for the reader.

Many professionals can benefit from these products and use them as teaching tools for massage schools, health and healing practitioners, aromatherapists, and other stores and spiritual centers around the world. These are also unique and colorful gifts, offering subjects for hand and foot reflexology, acupressure, feng shui, chakras, addictions, and aromatherapy and essential oils.

Available for retail or wholesale, Inner Light Resources can brighten up your business with their colorful and educational products.

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