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K9 Bytes

Gifts for Pets and Pet lovers
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3003 West 11th Ave #251
Eugene, OR 97402
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Product Preview


K9 Bytes offers a variety of fun gifts to spoil your favorite pets including dog collars, cat collars, dog leashes, treats and pet blankets.

All of our products are handmade in the USA.

We offer wholesale pricing with low minimums.

Visit our site at: www.k9bytesgifts.com

or call 888-686-5559

Handcrafted Quality with K9 Bytes Crafts and Creations

January 20, 2014
Pet owners are a growing demographic in the US these days and the numbers continue to swell on a daily basis. But Americans don't just own pets, we pamper them! This constantly increasing interest in our furry friends results in an equally increasing interest in pet supplies, toys and treats. Maintaining a pet lover's section in your store might be the best decision you've ever made, but whether you're starting fresh or you've been carrying pet supplies for years, you need to speak to the good folks at K9 Bytes Crafts and Creations!

Handcrafted Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

K9 carries a large and varied supply of handcrafted items for both dogs and cats. Whether your customer has a rottweiler with an attitude or a pomeranian who loves everyone, this company has the collars, leads and leashes your customers will need to keep their pups looking their best! They even have a line of cat collars for the discerning owner and offer holiday styles for both pet types.

But they don't stop there! They also offer excellent gift boxes containing Dog Spritz, Dog shampoo, Treats and a Bone Shaped Key Ring for dogs and a Cat Collar, Catnip Mouse, Catnip Pillow and Tuna and Cheese Treats for cats. Looking for pet blankets? They've got em. Dog toys or catnip toys for cats? Yes indeed, as well as grooming supplies for both.

More than Pets

Though the majority of the items they carry are pet related, K9 also offers some handcrafted items for the owners as well. From note cards, to baby comforters, to soap & body supplies, they have a wide variety of items available. They even have items for weddings such as potential favors and rose petals. Is your customer looking for something to freshen the air in her home? These fragrant candles are exactly what she's needing.

This is a company dedicated to quality and good craftsmanship, the same things your customer expects when she buys from you. When you want the best pet supplies on the market, you want K9 Bytes Crafts and Creations!

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