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Lambright Country Chimes, LLC

A gentle breeze and a Lambright Country Chime creates a festival for the ears.
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Lambright Country Chimes, LLC offers:

  • Garden & Patio
    • Garden Wind Chimes
    • Windchimes
  • Sympathy Supplies
    • Loss - Bereavement
      • Wind Chimes
    • Made in the USA

Product Preview

FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Lambright Country Chimes, LLC

July 22, 2020

Listen to the whispers of the wind with Lambright Country Chimes!

Lambright Country Chimes was created out of love for family and spare aluminum tubing. When owner Orley Labmbright’s cousin came to him with an idea to turn spare aluminum tubing into wind chimes and sell them in Orley’s bike shop at the time, it was an idea he couldn’t turn down. Several years later Orley’s cousin came to him asking if he would be interested in taking over his part in the wind chime business. Since then the rest is history. Just as family lasts for a lifetime so do the windchimes crafted by Lambright Country Chimes!

Lambright Country Chimes are high-quality handcrafted wind chimes made in Shipshewana, Indiana. Each wind chime has its own unique sound and color. Each aluminum tube used to create the chimes is sealed in a powder that gives it color and helps protect against weather and UV damage. Tones of each chime vary depending on the thickness and length of each tube, making each set of windchimes totally unique.

Listen to the sweet sounds of the wind blow on a summer day with the Whispers of the Windchimes. These soft sounds are sure to keep you relaxed as you sit and listen as the wind blows. Lambright Country Wind Chimes also make for great gifts! Give the gift of sound to your loved ones, so that any time they hear the sweet sounds of the chimes they remember you. Relax and remember your loved ones with Lambright Country Chimes!

Find out more about Lambright Country Chimes, LLC in the video below or at www.lambrightcountrychimes.com!



A Festival for the Ears

October 10, 2019

Tranquility can come in many forms. For some, it's the peace of their backyard or a summer afternoon sipping lemonade on the back porch with the sound of a wind chime slowly moving in the breeze. Lambright Country Chimes stands by that vision by providing hand-crafted wind chimes to be enjoyed year-round.

Accidental Beginnings

In the winter of 1998, Orley Lambright owned a bicycle shop while his cousin owned an aluminum fabrication business. After a project fell through, his cousin was stuck with a truck full of aluminum tubing with no idea what to do with it. One day, while visiting a flea-market, Orley's cousin got the idea to make wind chimes out of the aluminum and asked Orley to sell it in his bike shop. They sold well and soon the wind chimes were being sold in stores around the area, and eventually all over the country. Orley Lambright still owns the business today, so it remains in the family.

Variety and Quality

Lambright Country Chimes have always maintained the goal to provide superior quality wind chimes at a reasonable price. With nearly 40 unique sounds in a variety of beautiful finishes, these wind chimes are the perfect addition to any garden oasis.

The best ideas come when you aren't looking for them, and that's definitely the case for the Lambrights!

Add a little music to your favorite outdoor spot with Lambright Country Chimes.

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