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Matthews Hamper House

A Variety Of Ever Changing Items For Your Packaging Needs
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16 Forest Parkway Hamper House Bldg.
Forest Park, GA 30297
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Matthews Hamper House offers:

  • Baskets
    • Bamboo Baskets
    • Bark Baskets
      • Birch Bark Baskets
    • Basket Sets
    • Covered Baskets
    • Creel Baskets
    • Custom Shaped
    • Dish Garden
    • Fireside Baskets
    • Fruit Baskets
    • Harvest Baskets
    • Laundry Baskets
    • Mini Baskets
    • Picnic Baskets
    • Pot Covers
    • Princess Baskets
    • Rattan Baskets
    • Seagrass Baskets
    • Tray Baskets
    • Utility Baskets
    • Wicker Baskets
    • Willow Baskets
    • Wine Baskets
    • Wood Baskets
  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Enclosure Card Envelopes
    • Enclosure Cards
    • Floral Boxes & Packaging
      • Corsage Boxes
      • Floral Cellophane
      • Floral Foil
      • Floral Ties
      • Florist Wrap
    • Floral Picks
      • Card Holder Picks
      • Decorative Picks
    • Floral Tape
    • Florist Ribbon
    • Specialty Florist Products
      • Artificial Butterflies
    • Tissue Paper
  • Packaging & Gift Wrap
    • Accessories
      • Tape
      • Twist Ties
    • All Occasion
    • Bags
      • All Occasion
      • Clear
      • Fabric
      • Foil
      • Gift Basket
      • Gloss - Frosted
      • Imprinted
      • Large
      • Medium
      • Metallic
      • Mini
      • Plastic
      • Poly Bags
      • Self Seal
      • Shrink
      • Small
      • Totes
      • Wine Bottle Covers
    • Bakery
    • Baskets
    • Bows
      • Pull
    • Boxes
      • Food - Take Out
      • Wine Bottle
    • Cello - Cellophane
      • Bags
      • Clear
      • Rolls
    • Clear Wrap
      • All Occasion
      • Film - Basket - Over
      • Shrink
    • Filler
      • Colored
      • Excelsior
    • Ribbon
      • Bows
      • Curling
      • Flora Satin
      • Raffia
      • Retail Packs
      • Tulle
    • Shredded
      • Cellophane
      • Mylar
      • Parchment
    • Shrink Film
    • Tags
    • Tape
    • Ties
    • Tissue
      • All Occasion
      • Assortment
      • Holiday
      • Retail Sets
      • Solid
    • Totes
  • Ribbon
    • Accessories
      • Ties
    • Bows
      • Pull Bows
    • Cord
    • Curling
    • Poly - Acetate
    • Printed - Patterned
    • Satin
    • Specialty
    • Tulle

Wrap It Up with Matthews Hamper House

July 28, 2014

When purchasing products for a store, it isn't enough to choose the appropriate inventory to entice customers. There are also essentials needed to run a shop, such as packaging and supplies. It can be cumbersome to keep track of what you need when ordering supplies--especially if you are using separate orders. So when you need it most, choose a supplier that has everything you need in one place.

This wholesaler has all your packaging needs. Whether you need airtight food containers for your bakery or decorative wicker baskets for your gift shop, Matthews Hamper House has it and even offers the price stickers for your products.


You want to show off your product and make it more appealing to your customers. So you want a variety of packaging options. Matthews Hamper House features an assortment of packaging items that you'll love for your shop.

Need burlap bags to display your delicious produce? Are you a butcher in need of paper for your deli? This wholesaler has everything you need to either display your items or package them for your customers.

Other Supplies

At Matthews Hamper House, you can find products that benefit an array of businesses.

It’s all about variety. A caterer, for example, needs paper plates, napkins, and silverware for an event, while a flower shop may require ribbon and tulle for their flower arrangements. All those items can be found in one convenient place.

There is no need to make multiple orders from different providers. Choose Matthews Hamper House as your one stop shop for all your store packaging and supply needs.


Matthews Hamper House: The "Right" Packaging

August 12, 2013
We are often told, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but in spite of that sage advice, the item with the best packaging always seems to sell the most quickly. As much as we want to believe the individuals who buy our meticulously crafted products are better than that, more discerning, the truth is that we live in a society where everyone runs about in a terrible rush.

Knit BagCustomers don't always have time to determine what differentiates one item from another, or all the work that went in to making this product better than that one. Instead, they grab the first container that catches their eye and off they go!

It's just another reality that shapes the world in which we live. But seeing the truth, understanding how the system works, is the first step in making it work for you!

The Right Container

It's not enough to have just any packaging, it's got to be the right packaging. You wouldn't put a deli sandwich in a cardboard shipping tube would you? Of course not, because presentation is important! You put deli sandwiches in plastic, clear clamshells so that your customer can see what they're buying. In this way, the packaging facilitates the sell by displaying your well-made and delicious-looking sandwich. So where do you go to view all the options so you know you're buying the right container? Click on over to Matthews Hamper House and see what they can offer!

Inside the HamperBasket

This packaging supplier has been a family run business for over 80 years and carries a wide variety of packaging, gift packaging and food service supplies as well as various bags, baskets and produce containers. They have all the miscellaneous items you need to price, package and ship the products you work so hard to design and create. They even have specialty lines of seasonal items for when you need that perfect accent for a specific holiday. Just as willing to sell to the individual as the large company, Terry Matthews sells at wholesale prices to save you money.

Don't let yourself be overlooked because you're not using the right packaging for your product. With all the options available, you are sure to find what you're looking for at this packaging warehouse. If packaging is your problem, Matthews Hamper House is your solution!



Always Package it Right with Matthews Hamper House

July 26, 2012
You feature great products in your store. However, one thing you may want to think about is packaging and how you package products. Finding the right company to secure your products in or to just make a great gift basket for your customers, there's one company that definitely stands out. This company will provide you with all the right packaging in various forms and this comes from Matthews Hamper House.

Beautiful BasketMatthews Hamper House strives to keep a large variety of ever-changing items for your packaging needs. They sell bags, baskets, produce containers, gift basket supplies, food service packaging items and other various products that will help serve your store.

Taking care of their customers with great customer service and offering them wonderful products makes them a definitely must for all your packaging supplies.

What products do they offer and how can they be beneficial for your store? First off, start by offering great supplies to create gift baskets or for your customers to create their own gift baskets. This company features all the supplies your store needs to create a one-of-a-kind gift basket filled with personal care products, gourmet food or whatever type of gift you are wanting to make.

You'll find cello bags, decorative picks, sealers, hand-held crimpers, shrink bags, shreds, ribbon & tulle and beautiful baskets that will make your customer's gifts pop out even more. Choose from various shapes, colors and styles within their basket selection. Always finding true variety to please every type of customer.

Hinge Lid Produce ContainerHowever, they also offer great packaging for gifts and even food service packaging. This is great for customers who own their own restaurant or you even offer gourmet chocolates or cuisine in your own store. Aluminium containers, bowls, cake rounds, foam trays and food trays are great for your customers who may own their own restaurant or even their own catering business.

These are just the supplies they need. If your customers are wanting to package a gift, they can choose from clear rose boxes, jewelry gift boxes, gift bags, tissue paper and vases. They truly do have all the right packaging supplies.

So, if you're looking for ways to package your products up right or your customer's gifts; choose Matthews Hamper House. Their wonderful packaging supplies will make sure your items, as well as customer gifts too! You'll always package the right way with these products.

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