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MSR Wholesale Balloons

The Balloon Professional's Choice
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19009 16th Avenue South
Seatac, WA 98188
Fax: 866.472.7880

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MSR Wholesale Balloons offers:

  • Balloons
    • Balloon Accessories
      • Air hang-ups
      • Balloon Clips
      • Balloon Sizer Box
      • Balloon Stems
      • Balloon Transport Bags
    • Balloon Equipment
      • Balloon Stuffer
      • Regulators
    • Bubble Balloons
    • Latex Balloons
    • Licensed Character Balloons
    • Mylar Balloons
      • 36 Inch Balloons
      • Double Sided Balloons
      • Imprinted Balloons
      • Oversized Balloons
      • Solid Balloons
    • Occasion Balloons
      • Anniversary Balloons
      • Baby Boy Balloons
      • Baby Girl Balloons
      • Birthday Balloons
      • Congratulation Balloons
      • Get Well Balloons
      • Graduation Balloons
      • Holiday Balloons
      • Love Balloons
      • Mothers Day Balloons
      • Patriotic Balloons
      • Prom Balloons
      • Religious Balloons
      • Retirement Balloons
      • Smile Balloons
      • Teacher Appreciation Balloons
      • Thank You Balloons
      • Valentine Balloons
      • Wedding Balloons
    • Plastic Balloons
  • Holiday & Special Occasion
    • Anniversary
      • Balloons
    • Birthday
      • Balloons
    • Christmas
      • Balloons
    • Easter
      • Balloons
    • Fathers Day
      • Balloons
    • Graduation
      • Balloons
    • Halloween
      • Balloons
    • Memorial Day
      • Balloons
    • Mothers Day
      • Balloons
    • New Baby
      • Balloons
    • New Year
      • Balloons
    • Patriotic
      • Balloons
    • Prom - Homecoming
      • Balloons
    • Secretaries Week
      • Balloons
    • Thanksgiving
      • Balloons
    • Valentines Day
      • Balloons
    • Wedding
      • Balloons
  • Packaging & Gift Wrap
    • Ribbon
      • Curling
  • Party Supplies & Accessories
    • Equipment
    • Holiday & Special Occasions
    • Packaging & Gift Supplies
    • Party Favors
  • Ribbon
    • Accessories
      • Glitter
      • Racks - Display
    • Bows
      • Loops
      • Pull Bows
    • Cord
    • Curling
    • Custom
    • Imprinted
    • Metallic
  • Wedding Supplies
    • Balloons
    • Equipment - Supplies
    • Packaging - Gift Wrap
    • Party Risers
    • Ribbon
    • Wedding Favors
MSR Wholesale Balloons has been in the balloon business for nearly 30 years.  We carry an extensive selection of foil, latex, and bubble (plastic) balloons as well as balloon accessories, ribbon, plush, wedding and party favors, and organza products.  We carry products from all the major balloon manufacturers and are known as "The Balloon Professional's Choice" for our extensive knowledge and experience in the balloon industry.  Take a moment to look over our website (www.msr balloons.com), we have balloons for every occasion!  Thanks for considering MSR for all your balloon requirements.

Celebrate with MSR Wholesale Balloons

June 26, 2018

If you don't have a reason to celebrate, you will come up with one after you see the balloons from MSR Wholesale Balloons. An acquaintance that likes llamas is having a birthday? That seems like the perfect reason to send them a llama balloon bouquet. Don't normally celebrate Independence Day? This year you might once you browse their selection of balloons shaped like eagles, flags, and stars. Thinking of a way to take Cinco De Mayo over the top? They have you covered when you purchase cactus-shaped balloons while also buying some in a chili pepper shape, a sombrero, beer mug, and a cluster featuring a Mexican hat and maracas. 

They have holidays down pat, from New Years Day (think a balloon drop net, and circular balloons shouting Happy New Year!), to Valentine's Day (so many heart-shaped balloons), to Earth Day (balloons that cleverly look like the earth, of course), to Labor Day (lots of red, white, and blue), to Christmas (elf shapes, and mini balloons with snowmen, stars, and a wintery scene). They also have balloons for special events, like graduation, Back to School, Breast Cancer Awareness, Boss's Day, and the Superbowl.

Obviously, balloons are for birthdays. It's kind of expected. You know what would be a surprise on the balloon front? A singing balloon! They have them and they are great. Buzz Lightyear or the minions, or even Ana and Elsa can add something special when you buy a singing balloon.

But they're not just for holidays and events. They have the perfect balloon for car lots and other outdoor venues. They have lots of options for entertainers, so if you need to make a balloon giraffe animal, you will be taken care of.

They also offer a few other items, like LED party lights that you can switch to blink or glow. They have pull bows and poly ribbon, and some pretty adorable plush animals like zebras and tie-dyed bears.

For a great event, head over to MSR Wholesale Balloons!


Balloons from MSR Wholesale Balloons are a Must!

August 31, 2011
Do you think of add-on sales for your store? Do you think of what makes great pairings with the other great products or services that you offer? One thing that does is a balloon! Balloons are great add-on items to any gift or make a great treat on their own. Whenever finding a wholesale supplier of balloons, you want them to carry a wide variety. Therefore, choose MSR Wholesale Balloons for your store.

Quality Balloons For Every Occasion

Special Occasion BalloonsMSR Wholesale Balloons has been in the balloon business for over 30 years. You'll find the highest quality of balloons and accessories.

Plus, their stock is always full of an extensive selection of balloons and balloon accessories to support balloon retailers, party stores, balloon artists, decorators, florists and entertainers. So, stock your store with balloons fit for every holiday.

Themed Balloons

For every occasion, you need a balloon to match. Themed balloons are great items to add-on to any gift. Whether your customers are sending flowers, gourmet candies & confections or a gift basket, balloons make wonderful additions. Creating a fabulous gift and having a balloon to match the occasion is such a surprising gift!

There is a balloon for every holiday! No matter if your customers are searching for a balloon for Valentine's Day, Assistant's Day, Easter, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, birthdays and special occasions, there's a balloon for everyone and holiday! Balloons are truly essentials in your store and are also great for any age.

A fun spotted puppy dog with an I love you heart are great for children, while a foiled snowflake balloon is great for any adult. Balloons are an absolute must!

When buying balloons for your store, choose MSR Wholesale Balloons. Their quality and wide variety of balloons will please you and your customers. So, let these fun, themed balloons fill your stores and start making great additions to all your gift items!


Fly High With Party Balloons!

August 18, 2008
Happy Birthday Singing Balloon

There are so many interesting uses for balloons at a party and MSR Wholesale Balloons has the perfect balloon for every party! Whether strolling under a balloon arch during a garden wedding, decorating the table with a real conversation piece at an baby shower, or just sending someone a "Happy Birthday" balloon on their big day, make it a special day for everyone with some awesome and unique party balloons.

All parties need some kind of party decorations, whether lavish or minimal. Party balloons are the perfect way to satisfy both worlds. Going over the top with black balloons is a great way to celebrate at an over-the-hill party. Go big with Cinco de Mayo balloons that have every guest shouting at a holiday fiesta. Balloons are even great for more subtle soirees such as a backyard barbecue with a balloon weight attached to a colorful balloon or two.

Everyone loves seeing a huge balloon bouquet being delivered to their office. What college kid wouldn't be the envy of the campus when a mass of party balloons is delivered to their classroom or dormitory? There is no stopping the flow of excitement and instant happiness when colorful balloons are given as gifts. The face of the receiver glows with enthusiasm while the sender's heart is warmed by the exuberant reaction. Be the store that makes the magic happen for your customers that are shopping for party balloons by offering some of the many creative party balloons at MSR Wholesale Balloons.

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