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My Flower Stop

Flowers Affordable For Anyone
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My Flower Stop offers:

  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Tools and Equipment
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Greenhouse & Nursery
    • Blooming Plants
    • Decorative
    • House Plants
    • Perennials
    • Supplies
    • Tools - Equipment
  • Natural, Dried & Preserved
    • Flowers
      • Strawflowers
    • Pods - Berries
  • Wholesale Florists

Product Preview

DIY Made Easy with My Flower Stop

July 7, 2022

Enhance your DIY with quality and affordable florals from My Flower Stop!

During the difficult and uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Petal n Buds' owner Tara Koshman knew that flowers had the potential to support and mentally encourage those seeking reprieve from that new reality. That's why she founded My Flower Stop! She noticed at the time that flowers became less about the product and more about the message. They were being sent as love letters, affirmations, recognition, emotional support, and much more. The flower industry softened as customers used flowers as a replacement for their presence, and Tara knew that the importance of what she did was more powerful than it had ever been.

Working with a newfound appreciation for a commercial service that was often overlooked, she realized that floral services were not something everyone had access to. She wanted to find an efficient and affordable way to provide these services to anyone, regardless of their budget. My Flower Stop began as a way for customers to DIY their own arrangements without giving up the floral services they depend on. From brides to event planners, novice designers, and more, My Flower Stop gives customers the tools to create truly unique and exquisite floral designs!


With an emphasis on freshness and quality, My Flower Stop brings customers every variety of flowers they need to ensure complete satisfaction. They keep a riveting floral selection, with some of their most sought florals including Leptospermum, Delphinium, Ornithogalum, and Ranunculus.  They get their supply from local growers who strive for excellence and are some of the most revered flower farms around. By using kiosks and their website, they are able to drop the price of the florals to make them as accessible as possible.


My Flower Stop takes pride in developing strong relationships with their clients. They go above and beyond in all that they do and continue to come up with innovative ways to provide high-quality and affordable products to everyone. Their current project seeks to allow customers to purchase and pick up flowers by the stem. This allows them to drop the price by 30 percent! Their purpose is to empower you to choose from their plethora of options so that you can create your own unforgettable work of art.


No matter your skill level or needs, My Flower Stop uses their professional expertise and supplies to help you jump-start your floral creations and make you feel what it's like to design like the pros! Big or small, they have it all! Check out their workshops to learn some basic ways to create beautiful arrangements or just go all in. Wherever you are in your journey, My Flower Stop is there to help.

Find out more about My Flower Stop at www.myflowerstop.com!

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