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R & R Games

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R&R Game HSS Monkey II
Kid explorers will love this Top Toy of the Year award winning game! Have someone hide the Monkey, then use the Scanner to track it down. Lights will flash red on the Scanner dial to show you're getting warmer, and the Monkey will call out when you are near. Play indoors or out, alone or with others, you can even hide multiple Hide & Seek Safari Monkeys. Have some jungle fun outside and hide the animals in the bushes, the jungle gym, the flowerpot ... just about anywhere! There is no limit to the number of scanners and animals that can be used together. 1 9V and 2 AAA batteries required, not included. For ages 5 and up. Visit rnrgames.com to get yours.
Table is Lava
As dawn breaks, Mount Kahlualualuau is spewing its fiery lava down onto Meepleville. The natives are frantically trying to escape the rivers of lava and remain on safe ground. Whoever’s tribe survives the eruption with the most meeples shall be the winner!

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