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Florist's Best Friend..The Ultimate Floral Delivery System that Fits Any Vehicle
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The Ultimate
Delivery Solution
That Fits Any Vehicle

Compare for 30 days. If you feel the system does not excel over ANY other system return it for a refund.

How Do You Secure Your Flower Arrangements En Route?

April 17, 2009
When it's time to deliver the most gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets ever, what do you use to keep a bumpy ride from messing up their quality? If you want a floral delivery system that really works to keep your flowers at their best, try the Seminole Floral Delivery System.

The Seminole Floral Delivery SystemThe patented design of the Seminole Floral Delivery System keeps everything in place during flower delivery. Delivery accessories like these means no more mess, no fuss, no sagging flowers because they bumped or leaned against the side of the vehicle. What this says to most people is "oh wow, I'll never be able to get it out of the van if it's secured that well." Fortunately, that assumption is far from accurate. In fact, your beautiful flowers come out as easily as they went in. No more mess, no fuss, no spilled water because you had to pull too hard to get the flowers unhooked.

You invest time and effort into the freshness, brilliance and beauty of your arrangements. Why should that be sacrificed by using delivery accessories that don't make the grade? Your delivery drivers need a way to keep your flower arrangements at their peak. This is where the Seminole Floral Delivery System steps up your business.

It's as easy as placing your vases or containers between a few plastic pins placed in a non-slippery grid. Even that simple description makes it sound harder than it is. No one in the floral industry has time for "hard." No delivery driver wants to wrangle vases and boxes and ties and pins and the countless other instruments often used to secure flower arrangements in the back of the van. When it's time to get the flower in place to take them from place-to-place, call on the Seminole Floral Delivery System. Your fresh flowers will thank you.


Increased Website Exposure. More Customers.

March 23, 2006
Vendor Testimonial from Carroll Hunt of Seminole Delivery Systems

The increased exposure to our web site only means more customers for us. FGMarket.com is making it easier for retail customers to find us on the internet.

Carroll Hunt

Seminole Delivery Systems

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Highly Recommended
posted by
This system works great for our flower shop deliveries and as every day house hold use as well such as holding your groceries or anything else that needs to be secured while driving! GREAT SYSTEM AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Owner flower shop
posted by
Best deliver solution. Any size any height is secure. Love it....no more foam towels boxes.


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