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Sourcing Northwest

Producer & Importer Of Decorative Botanicals, Potpourri Ingredients & Pinecones
Click to contact Sourcing NorthwestClick to view Sourcing Northwest Vendor Spotlight Sourcing Northwest Producer & Importer Of Decorative Botanicals, Potpourri Ingredients & Pinecones
Wholesale WebsiteLocal: 360.966.9777More Information
803 Everson Rd
Everson, WA 98247

Sourcing Northwest offers:

  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Florist Moss
      • Mood Moss
      • Sheet Moss
      • Spanish Moss
    • Specialty Florist Products
  • Home Fragrance
    • Air Freshener
    • Aromatherapy
    • Diffusers - Nebulizers
      • Reeds - Wands
    • Potpourri
      • Dry
    • Product Making
      • Containers
      • Floral Pieces
      • Herbs
      • Reeds
  • Natural, Dried & Preserved
    • Barks
    • Bunches
    • Cones
      • Douglas Fir
    • Excelsior
    • Flowers
    • Foliage
    • Grains
      • Wheat
    • Grasses
      • Bear
      • Cat Tails
      • Flax
      • Millet
    • Herbs - Botanicals
      • Cinnamon
    • Lichens
      • Grey - Black
      • Old Mans Beard
    • Moss
      • Mood
      • Sheet
      • Spanish
    • Mushrooms
    • Pine Cones
      • Alder
      • Baxteri
      • Birch
      • Fir
      • Glilttered
      • Hemlock
      • Ponderosa
      • Spruce
    • Pods - Berries
      • Canella Berries
      • Cotton Pods
      • Jackie Berries
      • Lotus Pods
      • Milo Berries
    • Preserved Botanicals
      • Cedar
    • Specialty
    • Stemmed
    • Ting
    • Twigs - Branches
      • Bamboo
      • Cinnamon
      • Driftwood
    • Wreaths

Bells 25 mm. Jingle Bells!

Available October 2008 - Order early to assure availablity.

Lodgepole Pine Cones  Lodgepole Pine Cones

Fir Cones  Fir Cones

10% discount on Lodgepole Pine and Fir Cones - for FGMarket customers. Just mention "FGMarket 10%" in the notes field on the order form when you place your order at www.sourc i ngnorthwest.com.

Sourcing Northwest Brings Nature To Your Home

November 15, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

Whether building a flourishing garden bed, bringing rich fragrance to your home or finding the right centerpieces for an event, Sourcing Northwest can provide beautiful botanicals for your every need!

The Everson, Washington, company has a wide range of branches, potpourri, fragrances and flowers to compliment any home decor style or event theme. Bright and muted colors, invigorating and soothing scents, Sourcing Northwest has just what your home has been missing, with products produced in the Pacific Northwest and imported from around the world.

Beautiful bamboo branches are an easy way to add peace and relaxation to any room, and mixed with bundles of White Ting Ting can make a simple statement. Sourcing Northwest also offers various bundles of button flowers from orange and red to a light blue. Or if you need to add a little sparkle to a centerpiece, throw in a handful of glitter bamboo branches!

Imagine your entryway table or mantle draped in gorgeous foliage to celebrate any season of the year. With Sourcing Northwest's foliage packages you can bring the outdoors inside! Bright red palm spears and yellow Mandioca leaves will create a fall atmosphere, while yellow and blue sunflowers will spread the cheer of spring and summer. Living in a constant state of summer with dreams of the beach? Spread seashells across any surface and delight in the beauty of conches and scallops.

For any decorative home surface or event centerpiece, toss in some handmade roses, glitter butterflies, ball ornaments or grapes to liven up any floral arrangement!

To add to the serenity Sourcing Northwest's florals can bring to you is the selection of fragrances. For more festive times of the year, pick up some candy cane scented oils to bring Christmas cheer to those around you, or try caramel latte if you have more of a sweet tooth. If natural scents are more for you, lilac, lavender, rose and orange are all available to make any space enjoyable and relaxing.

Surround yourself with the vivid colors and scents of nature with Sourcing Northwest. Flowers, branches, oils and handmade decorations will light up the room and bring peace to your living space!


Always Receive Beautiful Botanicals From Sourcing Northwest

March 13, 2012
When choosing your products for your store, what do you look for in your products? You want products that are made of quality and stand out in your store. This goes for each and every one of your product lines. You want your customers to be satisfied with your store in knowing that they can always rely on you for offering wonderful products. Even if you're a florist or gift shop, you want to provide the best for your customers. So, if you're looking for a company that offers great quality and more, choose Sourcing Northwest.

Brush BallsThis wholesale supplier is a domestic producer and importer of decorative botanicals, potpourri ingredients and pine cones. They stock hundreds of colorful, beautiful and fascinating botanical items that will truly be statement pieces in your store. So, what exactly will you find with this company? You'll find great items, such as:

  • Decorative Botanicals
  • Potpourri Ingredients
  • Dried Flowers
  • Pine Cones
  • Foliage
  • Mosses, Lichens
  • Handmade Botanicals
  • All-Natural Dried Florals
  • Fresh Wreaths
  • Crafting Herbs
  • Home Craft Botanicals
  • Home Fragrance

Pine ConesYou can use these items for so many great things in your store, as well as your customers. Use their beautiful branch bunches and rattan pods in gorgeous arrangements. You can also use their great items as home accents, such as placing their amra pods, twig balls, brush balls or even their velvet curls in unique vases to create a stunning centerpiece or statement piece in any room.

Lets not forget about their potpourri that will definitely freshen up a room in no time and add a gorgeous accent to it. Also, making a wonderful gift idea. Who doesn't love getting home fragrances?

When looking for quality products that you can use for your store to make beautiful dried arrangements or great items for your customers to use as home accents or even create their own crafts, choose Sourcing Northwest. Their wonderful dried botanicals and potpourri will definitely be a huge hit in your store for both you and your customers.

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