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Die Cast Licensed Products
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428 6th Ave NW
Dyersville, IA 52040

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SpecCast offers:

  • Business & Technology Services
    • Advertising & Printing
      • Sculptures
    • Promotional Products
      • Key Chains
  • Home Accents
    • Collectibles
      • Replicas
    • Figurines
      • Pewter
    • Licensed Products
      • Chevy
      • John Deere
    • Metalware
  • Novelty
    • Belt Buckles
    • Collectibles
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Keepsakes
    • Licensed Products
      • AGCO
      • Allis Chalmers
      • Case Tractor
      • Chevrolet
      • Dodge
      • Farmall Tractor
      • Ford
      • John Deere
      • Massey Ferguson
      • McCormick Products
      • Oliver
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      • Die Cast
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  • Toys
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Collectible Vehicle Replicas from SpecCast

August 1, 2023

SpecCast has accurate, authentic scale model replicas perfect for any hobbyist or collector!

In 1986, Dave Bell bought a belt buckle business and transformed it into a die cast manufacturer that produces high-quality replicas of model farm equipment and vehicles. SpecCast produces scale models for a number of companies, and takes pride in producing the most accurate scale replicas in the industry!

SpecCast collectible vehicles are available in 1:16, 1:32, 1:50, and 1:64 scale replicas, with 1:16 and 1:64 being the most popular. Each model is highly detailed and passes rigorous inspection standards, ensuring each collectible is accurate, detailed, and functional. Some of SpecCast's licensing partnerships include Ford, Chevrolet, AGCO, Vermeer, and more! These licensing partnerships allow SpecCast to provide authentic replicas of many favorite construction vehicles, farm equipment, and vintage automobiles.

Not only are the tractor models exact, but so are the tractor implements SpecCast produces! Add tillers, hose units, planters, grain carts, and more to your farming equipment replicas. These items are also cast to scale, ensuring seamless representation for your model. SpecCast's newest products include several tractor implements like the J & M 6026 Applicator, the Kinze 1051 Grain Cart, and the Unverdert 1120 Grain Wagons.

In addition to die-cast models, SpecCast also casts custom belt buckles and offers custom imprinting for replicas. Promote your business by putting your logo on a collectible or belt buckle! Employees and customers alike will love the custom creation. SpecCast also has belt buckles for popular brands like Dodge and New Holland available.

From hobbyists to enthusiasts, you'll find models everyone will love with SpecCast!

Find out more about SpecCast at www.speccast.com!


FGmarket’s Weekly Pick: SpecCast Collectibles

July 5, 2023


SpecCast Collectibles is a miniature enthusiast's dream come true!

Specializing in die-cast models and scale-model farm machinery, SpecCast Collectibles brings miniature replicas to life that are accurate to the smallest detail. Hobbyists and collectors will be impressed with their selection of realistic replicas offered at different scales. They cast accurate models of well-known brands of tractors, farm equipment, automobiles, and construction equipment. In addition to that, they offer custom logo imprinting on any replica as well as branding other products like buckles and key tags. Expect the utmost accuracy and authenticity with SpecCast Collectibles!

Find out more about SpecCast Collectibles in the video below or at www.speccast.com!


Fuel Your Hobby with SpecCast Collectibles

June 7, 2022

SpecCast provides accurate, authentic scale models that are perfect for any hobbyist or collector.

For nearly 50 years, SpecCast has partnered with some of the biggest brands in vehicles to produce their die-cast models. They offer collectible vehicle replicas of tractors, farm equipment, construction equipment, and trucks and cars. No matter what you collect or sell, you're sure to find the perfect model with SpecCast.

The wholesale supplier counts authenticity and accuracy as pillars of its manufacturing process. Their models are functional, and made to preserve the nuances of the full-size vehicles they're based on. Whether you're looking for a model vintage Chevy Nova or a replica of your favorite Oliver tractor, SpecCast has dozens of die-cast models to choose from.

SpecCast Collectibles are available in several scale sizes, including 1:16, 1:32, 1:50, and 1:64 ratios. Each model is highly detailed, and passes a rigorous inspection before leaving their facility. Not only can you find replicas of vehicles, SpecCast also offers a selection of scale tractor implements. You can add tillers, planters, grain carts, and more to go along with your die-cast agricultural vehicle models!

In addition to major brand names, SpecCast can also create custom imprints for your brand. They can duplicate corporate or organizational logos, or create whatever image you'd like to convey! Add your logo to a wide range of die-cast models, including trucks and cars and tractor-trailers. Adding your logo to a collectible is a great promotional or marketing opportunity for your business. It also makes a great gift for employees or customers! SpecCast offers cast and stamp branded belt buckles and key tags as well, offering a great branded souvenir option for businesses of all sizes.

You can find SpecCast scale models through collector dealers, mail order, or select retailers. They're also available at shows across the country!



You can see the full catalog of collectables available at www.speccast.com!


FGmarket's Weekly Pick: SpecCast

April 6, 2022

Accurate to the last detail, SpecCast offers precision replicas for hobbyists and collectors.

SpecCast was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of collectible vehicle replicas. They create items such as tractors, construction equipment, trucks, and more! Their die and scale-cast models are created with the utmost accuracy and authenticity. After being in business for over 50 years, they have ensured they are creating the most accurate replica models in the industry. SpecCast is the perfect solution for adding realism and uniqueness to your collection or diorama!

Find out more about SpecCast in the video below or at speccast.com!


Replicate History with SpecCast

May 19, 2020

Add wonderful replicas to your collection with SpecCast! 

The Start of SpecCast

Founded in 1974, SpecCast began as a manufacturer of belt buckles. A few years later, they were purchased by DaPat, Inc. and began producing 1/50 scale pewter replicas of farm tractors. They moved to Iowa in 1987 and started die-casting farm tractors, semi tractor-trailers, cars, and pickup trucks. In the 1990s, SpecCast moved production to China and began creating highly detailed replicas that are still produced today.

Presently, SpecCast manufactures collectible die-cast metal replica farm tractors, implements, tractor-trailers, cars, pickups, and belt buckles. They also create custom replicas for companies, farm shows, and clubs, like Kinze. SpecCast has an array of licensed products in their retail line, including replicas of Ford, Chevy, and Peterbilt.

A Replica of History

SpecCast produces both 1/16 scale and 1/64 scale replicas. Made with die-cast metal, polyresin, and pewter, these replicas have amazing details and accuracy. Each replica is faithfully made to be as close to a reproduction of the actual machines as possible. They showcase the machines that played such an important role in agricultural history.

A Design for Everyone

Made with durable metals, SpecCast’s belt buckles feature exquisite detailing. They can be designed with custom logos and colors. SpecCast has a wide range of licenses from major manufacturers like Challenger, Allis-Chalmers, and Ford. With a variety of styles and designs, these belt buckles make the perfect gifts!

SpecCast creates amazing replicas of the wonderful machines that helped us in history and continue to help us now. Find a replica of your favorite machine or get a belt buckle that fits your style!

Learn more about SpecCast at www.speccast.com!

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