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Tecniflora Inc

A Ribbon Printer Specially Designed For Florists ...
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130 Westmore Dr Units 16 & 17
Toronto, ON M9V 5E2
Fax: 416.745.7195

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Tie A Personalized Ribbon 'Round Your Products For Extra Fun

November 11, 2008

Tecniflora Personalized Ribbons and Products

It's not just florists who are constantly looking for helpful products that will make their custom designs more special. While designed for florists, the specially designed printers, ribbon and films from Tecniflora add a special touch to many personalized products.

Whether your customers come to you for beautiful flower arrangements or products on the opposite end of the spectrum, your customer will love what these great ribbons do for your products. As a result, you'll love seeing the returning faces of customers and the many friends they've told about your store!

Thanks to Tecniflora, now you can tie a yellow, green, pink, purple, black, red, blue and many other colors of ribbon around the ole oak tree. However, it's easy to find ribbons in various colors for your products. What sets Tecniflora apart--and your store by proxy--is that these ribbons can be customized with personalized messages in a variety of fonts and colors.

Does your customer need "ConGRADulations" printed on a black ribbon with gold lettering for a special graduation gift? Want to welcome a new baby with a personalized baby gift? Wrap it up and tie it with a pretty ribbon printed with a special message to the proud parents from your customer. For these and many other occasions, your customers will now turn to your store for their unique gift needs thanks to the creative products from Tecniflora.

Tecniflora's printers are quick and easy to use. The Tecniflora website even contains a helpful how-to video so that each employee in your store can have fun making customized ribbons for customers. Each printer prints in red, black, silver and gold ink. Tecniflora's ribbons have been specially designed and come in a variety of colors. Gift wrapping materials have never been so fun!

Customers today want to give meaningful gifts that will be remembered for a long time. Personalized gifts help customers feel that their gift will stand out in the recipient's mind. When your customers come to you seeking a creative and colorful way to give personalized gifts, you'll know just what to do thanks to Tecniflora printers, ribbons and film.

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