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The Brookfield Co

Containers, Vases, Planters and More ~~Made in the USA
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4194 Burning Bush Rd
Ringgold, GA 30736
Fax: 706.375.8531
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The Brookfield Co offers:

  • Containers & Vases
    • Bowls
      • Decorative Bowls
    • Boxes
    • Buckets
    • Concrete Containers
    • Container Styles
      • Greek Containers
      • Italian Containers
    • Decorative Containers
    • Dish Garden Containers
    • Flower Pots
    • Novelty Containers
    • Pedestals
    • Planters - Pots
      • Granite Planters
    • Pottery - Stoneware Containers
    • Resin Containers
    • Stone Containers
    • Urns
    • Utility Containers
    • Vases
      • Concrete Vases
  • Garden & Patio
    • Bird Accessories
      • Bird Baths
      • Bird Feeders
    • Garden Decor
      • Garden Miniatures
      • Garden Pottery
      • Garden Stones
      • Garden Urns
      • Garden Vases
      • Reptile Garden Decor
    • Garden Fountains
    • Garden Pedestals
    • Garden Planters
      • Flower Pots
      • Pot Saucers
      • Wall Planters
    • Garden Signs
    • Garden Statues
      • Concrete
    • Outdoor Furniture
      • Garden Benches
    • Stepping Stones
    • Sun Catchers
  • Home Accents
    • Artwork
      • Pottery
    • Collectibles
      • Miniatures
    • Columns - Pedestals
    • Flower Pots
    • Pottery
    • Sculpture - Statues
    • Urns
    • Vases
    • Wall Decor
      • Fountains
      • Planters
      • Plaques
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      • Sculptures
      • Vases
      • Wreaths
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What Garden Decor Sets You Apart?

January 5, 2010
If you're looking for unique garden decor that makes you stand out to other gardening enthusiasts, The Brookfield Co. is the place to start. Their selection of garden statues and planters will leave you daydreaming of how perfect your garden will be with their addition.

Garden Planters, Statues & Other DecorIt's not hard to find wholesale planters, but to find wholesale cast planters of this quality anywhere other than The Brookfield Co. is unheard of. The variety of styles only sweetens the pot, or garden planters in this case.

You can choose from courtyard planters, decorative planters, signature collections of stylish planters, and get accessories too such as planter feet and saucers. The selection is amazing!

To go along with their planters, The Brookfield Co. also offers an incredible variety of garden decor. They also carry garden fountains (functional and decorative), bird baths, garden statues and sculptures, English garden troughs, decorative accessories such as brackets and plaques, vintage garden urns, vintage plaques, and more. The list goes on and on. Whatever you need for your garden or patio, you can find it at The Brookfield Co.

Of these garden products, the garden statues are particularly popular. This is no surprise to anyone who sees how genuine and fitting they are. Any animal or nature lover will enjoy garden statues shaped like baby cats and kittens, bunnies and rabbits, birds, frogs, turtles, dogs and puppies, and other animals.

Apropos of the upcoming season, you'll need to have  your patio and garden decor lined out so that everyone will know early on to whom the best garden belongs. When you're preparing your garden or setting up a section of wholesale garden products, start your search at The Brookfield Co.

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