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Vickerman Natural Botanicals

Leading Manufacturer of Dried & Preserved Flowers & Foliage
Vickerman Natural Botanicals
Click to view Vickerman Natural Botanicals Vendor Spotlight Vickerman Natural Botanicals Leading Manufacturer of Dried & Preserved Flowers & Foliage
Vickerman Natural BotanicalsVisit OnlineTollfree: 800.847.8606Local: 952.373.2001More Information
675 Tacoma Boulevard
Norwood Young America, MN 55368
Fax: 952.467.2495

Vickerman Natural Botanicals offers:

  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
    • Florist Moss
      • Black Moss
      • Mood Moss
      • Pole Moss
      • Sheet Moss
  • Natural, Dried & Preserved
    • Filler
      • Salal
    • Flowers
      • Banksia
      • Brunia
      • Heather
      • Hydrangeas
      • Protea
      • Rice Flowers
      • Salal
      • Sweet Annie
    • Foliage
      • Boxwood
      • Ferns
      • Myrtle
      • Palm
      • Repens
      • Salal
    • Grasses
      • Bell Reed
      • Cape
      • Snake - Equisetum
    • Moss
      • Black
      • Mood
      • Pole
      • Sheet
    • Preserved Botanicals
      • Bahia
      • Boxwood
      • Cierus
      • Erica Deliciosa
      • Grass
      • Heather
      • Hydrangea
      • Myrtle
      • Reeds
      • Rice Flower
      • Salal

Show Your Best Colors with Natural Botanicals

April 29, 2013
Are you are designing everyday with nature's bounty? Is your passion home decor and one-of-a-kind gifts? Introduce exciting new elements into your palette with Natural Botanicals, a wholesale company offering dried and preserved natural products. They thrive on giving artists the right tools for their craft.

Get Creative

From stunning arrangements to trendy designs, your style will look its best with vivid colors, intricate textures, and the huge variety delivered by Natural Botanicals.

Mix it up with healthy washingtonia palm leaves that create an energetic green burst. Show off natural curiosities like unusual seed pods that beg for a viewer's investigation. Add height and drama with bright plumes of grass and marsh reeds carefully dyed to mimic nature's own paintbrush.

With a focus on exotic plant products gathered worldwide and preserving techniques that deliver top-notch quality, this company is the natural choice for dried and preserved floral products.

Captivate With Unique Looks

Sourced from all over the world, Natural Botanicals features a wealth of eco-friendly products which will help you create innovative designs that will get noticed and be remembered. From trusted classics to exotic organics, their drying and advanced preservation techniques provide impeccable quality at prices that fit your budget. Whether buying by the bunch or the case, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every order.

Finding The Best Is Easy

A quick look through the website offers an organized look at hundreds of different options for floral and decorating needs. Browsing by category or colors puts the essentials you need at your fingertips. Looking to match the newest color trend? Find it with only a few clicks! Be sure to check out the New Products category for the very latest they have to offer.

If you want your next design to be a complete showstopper, contact Natural Botanicals for the very best of nature's gifts.


Dried Naturals Stand Out At Natural Botanicals

September 22, 2011
Are you a florist? Do you have customers that love creating their own arrangements? Whether you're a florist or a gift shop, carrying floral and floral supplies & accessories in your store is a must. They appeal to everyone. So, what vendor do you choose? Of course, Natural Botanicals, Inc.This wholesale supplier provides dried and preserved floral products that your customers are going to love.

Quality Dried Preserved Products

Natural BotanicalsNatural Botanicals features a product line that his a nice mix of both dried and preserved floral products with prices that will truly satisfy your customers. They concentrate their efforts on producing the most unusual and innovative boatnicals from around the world. Even when they dye their dried naturals, they use dye that mimics natures own trends or what's on trend. Their goal is to please you 100% and to create quality products.

What Do They Offer?

You'll find that they have a variety of dried natural and preserved floral products. Fern adianthum in green & brown, arrow reed in natural, bonsai in green, desert bloom in autumn, Medusa branch in natural, palm Washington in green and quinto balls in various colors are all great to display in arrangements around the home. The beautiful green floral products in a colorful basket is ideal for spring and summer arrangements. While, the great natural products would look amazing in a brown vase for the fall and winter months. Whether you are wanting to create an arrangement using orange tones, brown, purple, red or green; they offer it. No matter what type of arrangement you are wanting to make or what colors your customers are wanting to decorate in, everyone will find something to match their style.

So, when wanting to find floral products that will satisfy you, your customers and go with any arrangement; Natural Botanicals, Inc. is the one for you. Their beautiful colors and how they mimic nature is so appealing. Your flower arrangements and home decor will definitely stand out with these great natural botanicals.

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