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Wiki Wags™ Disposables

"... Accidents CAN Be a Thing of the Past!" Open 8am-8pm CST Mon-Sun
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Product Preview

Receive a 10% discount when ordering by the case...Any Size!

Each case contains 12/12ct packages for a total of 144 wraps. "Plus you save" on the shipping when ordering by the case.

Order two cases (same size) and "save even more"!

FGmarket's Weekly Pick - Wiki Wags™ Disposables

November 27, 2019

Wiki Wags™ is a leading provider of disposable male dog diaper wraps. Don't let your home get ruined from territorial markings, incontinence, and excitability—Wiki Wags™ has a solution!

The company began with the idea to design a product that would enhance the lives of every pet and pet owner. Many pet owners are dealing with potty issues around the home and other inconvenient places which causes stress and frustration, but with Wiki Wags™ Disposables, it doesn't have to be this way.

Their Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps and Super-Wik Piddle Pads "bring harmony back into the home." The diaper wraps come in four convenient sizes with re-adjustable straps. They're designed with a super-wicking ability that allows your dog to stay dry and comfortable. The piddle pads are more eco-friendly and have six absorbent layers that trap in any unwanted odors. These may look like the others, but with more absorbency power, you'll use fewer pads and save more money!

They also offer a lighted flea comb that easily illuminates any fleas that are hidden in your pet's hair. It's designed with a bone shape that fits perfectly in your hand—just turn on the light and get rid of those pests.

Wiki Wags™ Disposables are healthy, convenient, and affordable. Get yours now at www.wikiwags.com!


Wiki Wags™ Disposables Helps Control Dog Marking Problems and More

May 17, 2018

Do you or your customers have male dogs that have a nasty marking habit that needs to be fixed? If so, then you're in luck; Wiki Wags™ Disposables has the perfect product.

Wiki Wags™ makes disposable diapers and belly wraps for male dogs who are accident prone and likely to mark their territory in places that you don't want them to, like indoors or on carpets.

They are great for dogs who territorially mark, have poor or no house training, have excitable inklings, are handicapped, or have senior incontinence problems.

The company got its start after the creators and owners couldn't find a good product for their own pet's marking issues. They were tired of mopping and scrubbing up messes in the house, so the brainstorming sessions kicked into overdrive. After testing out their product for a year and a half on their own pups, they started marketing the product in 2010.

Wiki Wags™ markets its diapers and wraps using three main selling points: Wiki Wags™ are healthy, convenient, and affordable!

These products are healthy because, unlike other diapers for dogs, they don't cause the dog's skin and hair to get wet from the urine. This prevents things like urine rashes and infections caused by soaked pads.

This is because of the advanced "Lock-In" technology that is used in the wraps. These are extra absorbent pads, which keeps the dog's bodies dry and comfortable for them!

They're convenient because once they've been used, all you have to do is take them off your pup and throw them in the trash. The dual "Magic Tabs" of the wrap allow anyone to take the wrap off easily.

And finally, they are more affordable compared to other brands on the market, but with no decrease in the quality of the wraps. They can be purchased in 12 count packages, or by the case, which includes 12 - 12 count packs for 144 wraps.

Wiki Wags™ are great for any size dog, from XS wraps for miniature breeds, to large wraps for huge pups!

If you have a dog with incontinence problems or territory marking problems, then Wiki Wags™ Disposables are the perfect solution to solve those unfortunate habits. Try them out today, and see the difference in their products and the rest of the competition.

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When someone knocks
posted by
I have a Jack Russell terrier who lifts his leg every time someone knocks on the door. I had tried ever type of training tip, cleaning product, etc. to try to get him to stop this behavior. I have replaced couches, furniture, etc. I love my dog and would never get rid of him so I needed to find a solution to work for both of us. After much frustration, I was doing some digging around on the internet and found Wiki Wags. I have to tell you, I was quite skeptical, as everything else I had tried did not work. I ordered a pack and they work great! I have also tried "diapers" where you inset a maxi pad in a reusable belt. They were horrible - he would pull out the pad and rip it up all over the house and then the belt had to be washed. Wiki Wags are completely disposable. I put one on my dog when I am going out and he does not always pee in it so I can usually reuse it a couple of times. I cannot thank Wiki Wags enough! I now order by the case.
Senior Rescue Boy
posted by
Thank you so much!! With my little senior rescue boy, who is at least 16 yrs old, he goes thru at least 3 wraps a day. Until the Wiki Wags arrived, the best "work around" I've found is using the washable cloth wraps, and lining thyem with disposable super feminine napkins. But it's just not as convenient as the Wiki Wags. They are a God-send!!!
Wiki Wags has changed my life!
posted by
Yes, quite literally, "Wiki Wags have changed my life". (You can feel free to quote me on that one). I have a 16 yr old beagle who is incontinent but otherwise healthy and he pees while he sleeps, without waking up. For months I literally washed his dog bed every morning before going to work - I had to wake up an hour earlier to deal with this problem. Now he makes it through the night with his Wiki Wags...and it still keeps his bed and carpet dry. What an amazing product - I am truly indebted to you.
Saved My Sanity
posted by
I love the dog wraps. Saved my sanity. I have an 18 year old miniature schnauzer and he has no control of his bladder. These wraps were a life saver. I no longer have to constantly clean my floors. Thank you so much for a great product.
Perfect for my dog's "issue"
posted by
Perfect for my dog's "issue"
Great Product/Fantastic Customer Service
posted by
The wraps fit our mini-Chion (7 lbs) perfectly and the quality is better. We had one minor shipping bump and it was corrected immediately. I wish everybody did business this way. Thanks Wiki Wags!
From A Dog's Point Of View - Wearing A Diaper
Meet little "Greyson", a long coat Chihuahua who shares his feelings about wearing a Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wrap...some of the common issues found in homes where pet owners are facing similar situations.
Disposable Male Dog Wraps
Disposable Male Dog Wraps

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